How to Get a Job in Social Work

The job of a social worker is to empower and assist communities by finding life changing solutions. The solutions range from volunteer work, high tech initiatives to simple solutions.
To start a career in social work you need education in specific areas. You might need a bachelor’s degree in social work and master’s degree. Volunteer work requires serious commitment and selfless service to humanity.
You need a license, field experience and amiable character. The social worker has serious responsibilities and challenges. To become a social worker you need to choose a specialty industry.
How to Become a Social Worker
1. Choose a specialty
2. Complete a Bachelors degree in Social Work
3. Internship
4. Earn a Masters degree in social work
5. Get certified
6. Gin entry level job
7. Advanced and continuity education
Things to Consider
There are some things to consider before venturing into social work. You need a social work license and join a professional organization. The education requirements include bachelor’s degree, masters, social work programs, CSWE accreditation, internship and supervisory experience.
  • social work license
  • join a social work professional organization
  • education
  • social work programs
  • CSWE accreditation
  • Internship
  • supervisory experience
 Get a Bachelors Degree in Social Work
The person needs to earn a bachelors degree in social work. The course content includes making of policies and following a code of ethics.
Others are problem solving, social welfare and occupational research. More are human behavior, social work practice and interviewing skills.
The social worker can find job as a home councilor or caseworker. There are also programs by the council on social work education including 400 hours field work attached to a social service agency.
The Course Content
  • policy making
  • code of ethics
  • problem solving
  • social welfare
  • occupational research
  • human behavior
  • social work practice
  • interviewing skills
Get a Masters Degree in Social Work
You could decide to further your education and get a masters degree in social work. The course content includes professional policy, social work practice and human behavior. Other courses are community/child welfare, environment and 900hours fieldwork in specific niche.
The Course Content
  • professional policy
  • social work practice
  • human behavior
  • community/child welfare
  • environment
  • 900 hours fieldwork in specific niche
Social Worker Job Description
 The social work covers a broad range of functions and services. They operate at state, federal and local government establishments.
The job covers different ethnicity, cultures, people and religions. . The public service oriented job cover counseling, advocacy and support. Other functions include offering solutions to problems, resource assessment and crisis responders.
  • counseling
  • advocacy
  • support
  • solutions to problems
  • resource assessment
  • crisis responders
Places Where Social Work is needed
Social work is needed in both public and private sector. Common places are eternally displaced people, career centers, health clinics and community centers. Other places you find social workers are government institutions, hospices, hospitals, mental health clinics and schools.
  • public and private sector
  • eternally displaced people
  • career centers
  • health clinics
  • community centers
  • government institutions
  • hospices
  • hospitals
  • mental health clinics
  • schools
Get a License
You need a license to operate as a social worker. There are basically four types of licensing.
You have the bachelor’s license BSW degree, masters license MSW degree, Clinical License and advanced generalist license. The clinical license requires 2 years supervisory and field experience.
There are also tests and competency examinations to pass. As a social worker you need to join your local or national association for accreditation and membership.
You need accreditation by the council on social work education CSWE. Other exams to consider are the ASWB masters and advanced generalist exam.
  • bachelors license BSW degree
  • masters license MSW degree
  • clinical License
  • advanced generalist license
  • national association accreditation and membership
Median Salary Outlook
 Social work has gained popularity in recent times. The healthcare sector experiences a steady growth rate and increase in practitioners.
The median salary of a social worker is $46,000 to $59,000 a year. Employment opportunities abound in government and state agencies. You find them in the healthcare sector, nursing, online career work and residential care.
Social Work Career Specialty Fields
The specialty practice sections are in the fields of administration, alcohol, children and adolescents. Others sectors are aging, child welfare, mental health and private practice. They work in schools, justice and hospitals.
  • Administration
  • Alcohol
  • children and adolescents
  • aging
  • child welfare
  • Child advocate
  • Community support worker
  • Counselor
  • Life skill counselor
  • Nursing home administrator
  • Psychiatric worker
  • Public health manager
  • Youth worker
  • mental health
  • private practice
  • schools
  • justice
  • adolescent Specialist
  • Budget analyst
  • Case Management Side
  • Case Manager
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