How to Get a Teaching Job

Teachers have two alternatives to work in the private or public sector. There are jobs in nursery, primary, secondary and university level. There are many jobs for qualified teachers especially if you have experience, education and good recommendations.
To gain teaching skill, experience and knowledge you need education. The minimum qualification to achieve is a bachelor’s degree.
The choice of discipline is determined by your interest. The type of education could correspond to a subject matter.
You have teachers in subjects such as English, economics, mathematics, physics, biology or fine arts. University teachers need PHD degrees or master’s degrees.
To work as teacher you need to acquire a teachers certificate. The certification is usually state issued and they can consider external examinations.

  • Develop your teaching skill
  • Gain experience
  • you need minimum qualification
  • achieve a bachelors degree
  • determined your interest
  • type of education
  • focus on a subject matter
  • get masters degree
  • you need a PHD degrees or masters degrees
  • consider external examinations
Skills needed to teach
The person needs to have good interpersonal, administrative and presentation skill. They should be excellent communicators, have good retentive memory and have assertive personality. Experience, good lesson plans are essential for success.
  • good interpersonal skill
  • administrative skill
  • presentation skill
  • you need excellent communicators
  • good retentive memory
  • assertive personality
  • experience
  • develop good lessons
How to Find Teaching Job
You need to develop a good portfolio, network and join an association. Your portfolio should include lesson plans, study material and work samples.
You can seek advice from established tutor’s and professionals in your field. Look for job openings in newspaper publications, school magazines and bulletin boards.
There are many job websites that feature job boards for teachers. Contact neighbors, friends and family. Contact educators, principals, alumni offices for feedback.  Find jobs through online classified websites or use placement agencies to find school vacancies.
The Interviews
Once you locate a job prospect you need to ace the interview. They usually base their questions on your teaching approach, experience and motivation.
They will study your work experience, accomplishment and educational background. You also need good recommendations and references. You can express your appreciation and send  thank you note.


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