How to Make Money from Online Surveys in Nigeria

To start earning from surveys you simply have to sign up and complete forms. It is important to join as many legitimate sites offering the opportunity.
This is because most sites would send less than four forms a month to your email. Therefore joining many surveys sites would guarantees some level of success. Joining lots of panels would provide regular paid matches every month.  
Surveys are important because companies use them to understand the customer’s habits and views. This is an effective form of data collation that is beneficial for product development, marketing and sales.
The company pays the website to conduct the survey at an agreed fee. The survey websites then send questioners to members through the email. Once the members fills the form and answer the questions they get paid in cash or redeemable points.
The Best Paid Survey Websites
If you are looking to earn from survey you need to know the best paid survey sites online. You can earn up to $250 a month based on your demography.
People residing in America get more survey opportunities that those in Africa. The reality is that you can less than $5 dollars for an hours work.
List of top survey sites are PineCone Research, eMiles, Valued Opinion and VIP Voice. Others are Point Club, Inbox Dollars, Swagbucks, Opinion Outpost and Harris Poll.
PineCone has no minimum cash out and pays $3 per survey. The payment method is through PayPal.
eMile rewards members for simple tasks while Valued Opinion are the highest paying survey site. The downside is that Valued Opinion offer only visa gift cards instead of cash.
Vip Voice uses a points system and feature special surveys that attract $25 reward. Inbox Dollars has features such as taking surveys, reading emails, playing online games, and redeeming coupons.
On swagbucks you can earn $5 for 30 minutes work while Harris Poll is more about focus groups.
  • PineCone Research
  • eMiles
  • Valued Opinion
  • VIP Voice. Others
  • Point Club
  • Inbox Dollars
  • Swagbucks
  • Opinion Outpost
  • Harris Poll
Survey Sites that Pay Nigerians
The reality is that most sites are not ideal for Nigerians. You can signup and wait for surveys indefinitely.
Top sites that Nigerians use are PaidViewpoint and Medical Advisory Board. Others are the Panel Station, SurveySavvy, Global Test Market and Quest Mindshare.
More are Univox, Executive Opinion, OpinionWorld and Ipsos i-Say.
  • PaidViewpoint
  • Medical Advisory Board
  • Panel Station
  • SurveySavvy
  • Global Test Market
  • Quest Mindshare
  • Univox
  • Executive Opinion
  • OpinionWorld
  • Ipsos i-Say
How Surveys Work
Company’s commission surveys and the sites invite members to fill in questioners. Once concluded the member earns income or redeemable points. Such sites have a payment threshold and minimum cash out.
Paid Survey Scams
The downside to surveys is the hundreds of scam survey sites. Things to avoid on such site is paying membership fee, guarantee fixed income or high earnings.
Scam sites are after your money or to sell information they gathered to third parties. Sites that demand personal information such as credit card number are frauds.
How They Pay
The payment thresholds and methods differ. Some pay cash while other use PayPal, sweepstakes, point system or gift cards. To maximize your earning make it a habit to check emails regularly.
Try to respond promptly because most surveys have a time limit. It is essential you keep your profile updated. Only select paying surveys and sign up with many survey sites.
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