How to Start a Botox Business

The Botox business is very lucrative and there is a huge market. The popularity increased with television programs on such cosmetic procedures.
The United States of America and UK are top destination for the treatment. The business is gaining ground in Asia, India and Africa.
To start you need a medical professional license and practical training. Startup is low however recurrent expenditure on supplies high. Here are some ideas on how to launch your Botox business
Tips to Starting Your Botox Business
1. Incorporate
The first step is to incorporate the business. Register the business as a limited liability company then get insurance cover and personal tax identification number.
You need to open a bank account for the business separate from your personal account. Make sure you are able to receive check, cash or direct deposit.
2. Purchase Equipment
The equipment’s are alcohol hand sterilizer, ultra dermal filler syringes and light weight mirror. Other equipment includes absorbent swabs, alcohol pre injection swabs and laptop.
You need insulin needles, cooler bag, pliers of open botulinum toxin vials. More are clinic waste plastic bags, sharp containers, box of gloves, stationery.
  • alcohol hand sterilizer
  • ultra dermal filler syringes
  • light weight mirror
  • absorbent swabs
  • alcohol pre injection swabs
  • laptop
  • insulin needles
  • cooler bag
  • toxin vials
  • clinic waste plastic bags
  • sharp containers
  • box of gloves
  • stationery

3. Supplies
Find a trust worthy contractor to supply the dermal fillers and disposable equipment. The supplier should be certified by the state and federal authorities.
Look for one that offers competitive prices, good logistics loyalty and good supply capacity. They should be result oriented and stock quality tested products.
4. Prepare the Patient Admin
You need to set up your patient admin and provide consultation room. Make sure your clinical records, consent form is ready. Computerize the data including patient appointment and inventory.
5. Education
You need education to start in the Botox business. A doctorate degree is a good stating point.
To establish a beauty or cosmetic business you can gain knowledge by working with a local beautician. You need clinical experience, basic business background and experience.
There are a range of aesthetic courses online such as foundation Botox and dermal fillers course. You get the basic knowledge on how to apply cosmetic injection, fillers and lip enhancement.
Medical professionals perfect for the job include dentist, general practitioners and registered nurses. Others include pharmacist, medical school graduates.
  • a doctorate degree
  • clinical experience
  • basic business background
  • aesthetic courses on foundation Botox and dermal fillers
Medical Professionals
  • dentist
  • general practitioners
  • registered nurses
  • pharmacist
  • medical school graduates
6. Pricing
Offer quality service and moderate prices. Study your competitors pricing system and provide value for money. Avoid offering cheap services and focus more on value.
8. Funding
The amount of money you need depends on the size and scope of your business. Things that add to costs are location, equipment, utility bills and insurance. You can start small and re-capitalize as business grows.
9. Advertise the Botox Business
You need effective marketing to reach prospective clients. Use social media, 3rd party platforms and build a website.
Make sure you optimize post by adding alter text, images and quality content. Focus on the target market, age group and demography.
To drive traffic to your website include signature on social links. Then develop a marketing plan, hire SEO service providers and use social advertisement. You can advertise your salon in newspapers, television or radio. Print flyers, posters, stickers, business cards and banners.


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