How to Start a Business in Editing

You need very little capital to start an editing business. An editor needs to provide quality service and connect with clients.
You need to understand the market and define your business strategy. Make sure you get paid for your work and meet deadlines.
Make sure you complete the job to your client’s satisfaction and learn how to give a sales pitch. Establish realistic revenue estimates, write a business plan and conduct basic research.
Select a business name, domain name and register the business as a sole proprietor. Make sure you do proper accounts, administrative work and track your finances.
Get Your First Client
The first step to lunching your freelance editing business is to find your first client. You can start by updating your Linkedin profile.
Then offer free editing services to friends and family. You need to build a portfolio and gain job experience.
Another way is to seek an employment position in an editing firm before setting out on your own. Good work would attract referrals including word of mouth recommendations.
You can also build a website, showcase your portfolio and get clients. Other ways to secure client is through advertisement in national newspaper or professional directories listing.
It is important you create a network of people in your industry. You can join a job site for leads and inform neighbors and family.
  • updating your Linkedin profile
  • update your Facebook profile
  • offer free editing services to friends and family
  • build a portfolio
  • gain job experience
  • seek an employment position
  • use referrals
  • word of mouth
  • recommendations
  • build a website
  • use advertisement
  • professional directories listing
  • network
  • join a job site
  • get leads
  • inform neighbors and family
Make a Pitch 
Once you have identified potential client you have to make a pitch. Makes sure you get introduced, send samples of your work and use recommendations.
To demonstrate your expertise share samples of your published work, testimonials and project listing. Other ways are through sample editing of manuscript not exceeding 800 words. This affords the client a first hand appraisal of your editing skill.
  • identified potential client
  • get introduced
  • send samples of your work
  • use recommendations
  • demonstrate your expertise
  • testimonials
  • use project listing
Secure more Clients
If you want to do the job full time you need many clients. Sell your skill through effective marketing strategy and referrals.
Social media is a powerful tool to use spread the word. You can cold call potential clients, attend seminars, network and join an association. Contribute quality post to your website and use online advertisement platforms.
  • marketing strategy
  • referrals
  • social media
  • cold calls
  • seminars
  • networking
  • join an association
  • post to your website
  • use online advertisement platforms.

Join a Freelance Job Website
There are hundreds of job sites that offer regular work for freelancers. All you need to do is signup for a few and offer your services. Job sites are highly competitive so you need to bring your A game.
Do the Paper Work
You need to create a standard contract, warranty and policies. Figure out standard rates and how much to bill clients. Ask for advance of 60% on each contract.
Market the Business
It is essential you market the business for success. Print business cards, flyers and posters. Advertise in newspapers, magazines and use Facebook ads or Adwords to reach clients.
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