How to Start a Commercial Cleaning Business

The type of cleaning you do depends on your customer base. You could focus on private homes, large commercial building or small property.
The business is practicable as a one man business. You can hire experienced staff as the business grows. To start, write a business plan, secure funding and device a marketing strategy.
Things to Consider
Types of Clientele
The type of clients depends on your business focus. Same applies to the size of the building.
Common buildings are shops, offices, banks and schools. Others are hospitals, convenient stores and private homes. The bigger the property the more manpower you need.
You need to choose a professional sounding name. Incorporate the business as a limited liability company. You need insurance cover, employer tax identification number and operational license.
Business license
You need a doing business license from your state government. The business has some risk in form of litigation for damages or accidents. Incorporating as a LLC you get some cover form litigation.
Write a Contract
You need a contract between yourself and clients. Use an attorney to write the contract including terms of service. Make sure you collect an advanced sum of 50% before starting the job and the rest on completion.
Open a Bank Account
You need to open a bank account separate from your personal account. Make sure it is a checking account or merchant account. It is important to receive different types of payment such as checks, direct deposit or cash deposits..
Hire Staff
As the business grows you need staff. You can also use casual staff including regular staff. Get a bond to protect your business from employee theft.
There are many things to consider when setting your rates. A good practice is to base your job on hourly rate.
You need to establish the type of cleaning, time to conclude and customer’s request. There are also monthly rates, number of times you clean the same establishment or retainer fees.
Use the monthly rate as you guide when dealing with customers. A good way to determine prices is to see what your competitors are doing.
Open an office
You need an office to receive clients and hire a secretary. Locate the office in a commercial area and place a signboard to attract patrons.
You can include more services such as carpet cleaning to argument income. You need some stationeries, letterhead paper, computer and printer.
Advertise your business through electronic and print media. Use television adverts and radio programs.
Print flyers, posters, banners and business cards. Build a blog and showcase your services. Make sure the blog is targeted to your geographical area. Use social media adverts and Adwords to drive traffic to your blog.
Start a Cleaning Business


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