How to Start Digital Textile Print Business

Digital textile print industry is valued at $8 billion globally in 20 17. The method involves printing of designs on fabric through digital method.
The print is applicable to different textile material or fabrics. It is possible to print either large or small designs depending on the designer.
The print method replaced the long screen printing method. This is due to the introduction of the dye sublimation printer in the early 1990s.
The introduction of high energy direct ink and low energy sublimation ink revolutionized textile media printing. The introduction of the heat press made it possible to transfer the ink to fabric. Prior printing technology made use of the print dye sublimation ink method to transfer dye on paper.
Stating Your Digital Print Company
Types of Printed Items
The digital prints are easily transferred through different colorants to various objects. Common objects are signs, retail graphics, flags, garments and t-shirts.
You have other promotional or advertisement material such as banners and polyester. The types of fabric used are natural yarns or synthetic fibers.  
You have silk, cotton, nylon and polyester material. Common textiles used include bed covers, curtains, room dividers and carpets. Top promotional material used for advertisement is polyester fabric because they are durable easy to use and attractive.
  • Signs
  • retail graphics
  • flags
  • garments
  • t-shirts
  • banners
  • polyester
  • bed covers
  • curtains
  • room dividers
  • carpets
How to Choose Fabrics
The type of fabric used depends on your clients requirements. The structure of the fabric depends on the waving technology such s woven, knitted, synthetic or non woven fabric.
Sublimation ink technique is the most ideal method for printing on polyester. This affords more vibrant colors and easier application.
Fabric Types
  • woven
  • knitted
  • synthetic
  • non woven fabric
Types of Printing Methods
There are different types of print methods to consider. You have the discharge print method, resist print and direct print.
Others include senility print and pigment print. The digital print output depends on the type of printing technology deployed.
We have the low volume dye sublimation printer, mid volume format printer and high volume industrial printer. The min equipment is the digital printer or low volume inkjet printer.
There are different specifications of printers with different application. Some can handle low volume print while others are best for high volume industrial work.
Print Methods
  • discharge print method
  • resist print
  • direct print
  • senility print
  • pigment print
Types of Printers
  • low volume dye sublimation printer
  • mid volume format printer
  • high volume industrial printer
  • Inkjet printer

Why use Digital Textile Printing Method
The method is very effective because it reduces waste. Other advantages are better color presentation, better quality print, longevity and speed. It has lower staining probability and no need for paper transfer.
  • better color presentation
  • high quality print
  • longevity
  • speed
  • lower staining probability
  • no need for paper transfer
How to Start the Business
Before you start write a business plan. Use the plan to identify customer demography, best location and type of printing service you want to offer.
Other considerations include funding, hiring qualified staff, sourcing fabric and registering the business. Choose good business name and register s a sole proprietor or Limited Liability Company.
  • write a business plan
  • identify customer demography
  • good  location
  • type of printing service you want to offer
  • funding
  • hiring qualified staff
  • sourcing fabric
  • registering the business
The best marketing strategy is to locate the business in a busy area. Deploy a lager signboard and print flyers, banners or posters.
Use newspaper advertisement and radio. Build a website to highlight your services and showcase your designs. The website could target your geographical location or offer international buyers specialized products.
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