How to Start a Fulfillment by Amazon Business

Fulfillment by Amazon is similar to other eCommerce websites with a slight variation. There are different types of eCommerce sites such as affiliate sites, drop ship and fulfillment by Amazon.
The FBA Business model involves serious logistics done on your behalf by Amazon. They store your product, package and deliver when an order is made.
They warehouse, provide packaging material and courier service. It is unlike regular eCommerce websites where the store owner sources the products and contends with logistics.
Why Start Fulfillment by Amazon
 A major reason why FBA is so popular is that you don’t have to stock any product. Amazon warehouses your product, packages and delivers.
They offer store owners good distribution network and customer base. You can increase your product offering and improve sellers rank. Try to expand your scope by building a dedicated website.
  • you don’t stock any product
  • Amazon warehouses your product, packages and delivers
  • good distribution network and customer base
  • You can increase your product offering
  • improve sellers rank
Top FBA businesses earn from $25,000 to $50,000 a month. Grow your business through social media and other online resources. 
Create Amazon Seller Account
The first step to owning an FBA business is to create a seller account. The signup process is relatively easy and straightforward.
On Amazon website go to the footer and find ‘Make Money with Us’. Click on the link ‘Sell on Amazon’ and sign up as an individual or professional.
Individual accounts do not attract monthly subscription fees while professional accounts attract $39.99 per month including selling fees.
Private Label
FBA model supports private label products and establish brands. Another way is to use retail arbitrage model.
Source your products from China to increase your profit margin. Private labeling is not for everyone because it attract high premium price.
How to Find Products
To find popular products use Amazon product search tool. Selling is highly competitive so you need to sell at a price better than your competitors. And proper pricing is a recipe for success. Other ways to find the ideal product is product reviews, pricing and competitive analysis.


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