How to Start a Gold Mining Business

Gold prospecting requires a detailed geographical analysis of a site. The small scale enterprise searches for gold deposits for commercial purposes.
The business involves hard physical labor and specialized equipment. The process of mining also involves digging, sifting, panning and sluicing. The prospector is required to apply for a permit and lay a claim. To succeed as a prospector you need geological knowledge, training and equipment.
Gold Prospecting Business
Types of Minerals Mined
There are a host of minerals mined in small and large scale. The common minerals are platinum, antimony, diamond and gold. Others are silver, gypsum, kaolin, mineral sands and base metals like copper, zinc, lead.
  • Platinum
  • Antimony
  • Diamond
  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Gypsum
  • Kaolin
  • mineral sands
  • base metals
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Gold Prospecting License
The requirement to obtain a prospecting license is different in most countries. However there are similar elements in the application procedure and processing.
The prospecting permit according to Queensland government is of two types. You can apply for a district prospecting permit or parcel prospecting permit.
The permit can be sought for any mineral other than coal. The district permit is applicable to all available land within a mining district.
The prospector should obtain a written consent by landholder. The parcel permit is granted for a particular parcel of land and permit does not exceed 3 months.
If granted the permit allows hand mining, mining claim and peg a mining lease. Small scale mining do not require an environmental authority intervention. There are also native title issues to be addressed.
Feature of Prospecting Permit
The feature requires the naming of the specified mineral. The duration not exceeding 3-12 months and size of land should be specified. The permit is one time, no rent payable and a small application fee is required.
  • naming of the specified mineral
  • duration not exceeding 3-12 months
  • size of land should be specified
  • the permit is one time
  • no rent payable
  • an application fee is required
The Application Form
The application form includes name and address of applicant and applicants company details. The next is the description of application area and the name/address of owner occupiers of the land.
The form has the native title section, application area licenses and license term not exceeding 5 years. You the have the proposed mineral mined in this case gold.
You then need to provide evidence of financial capability. State the expertise of the miners, experience and previous exploring activities. You then include work program details, pay application fee and declaration.
  • name and address of applicant
  • applicants company details
  • description of application area
  • name/address of owner occupiers of the land
  • native title section
  • application area licenses
  • license term not exceeding 5 years
  • state the proposed mineral (gold)
  • evidence of financial capability
  • miners experience
  • previous exploring activities
  • work program details
  • pay application fee and declaration
Documents to Submit with the Application
There is some documentation to submit with the application. You need evidence of financial capability, work program, certificate of company registration. Others are survey of location, evidence of authorization, written consent of property owner
  • evidence of financial capability
  • work program
  • certificate of company registration
  • geological survey of location
  • evidence of authorization
  • written consent of property owner
Hand Tools
The hand tools you need are basic and low cost. However if you want to go into big time mining the equipment is very expensive. Hand tools permitted on a mine are windlasses and sieves. Others are shovels, gads, picks and jackhammers.
  • Pickax
  • Windlasses
  • Sieves
  • Shovels
  • Gads
  • Picks
  • jackhammers
Large Scale Gold Prospecting Equipment
The equipment you need for large scale prospecting is sluices and pans. Others are dredges, fine gold recovery system, gold detectors, rock crushers and vacuum. More equipment’s are gold trammels, assaying picks, shovels, and smelting equipment.
  • Sluices
  • Pans
  • Dredges
  • fine gold recovery system
  • gold detectors
  • rock crushers
  • vacuum
  • gold trammels
  • assaying picks
  • shovels
  • smelting equipment
How to Prospect for Gold
Prospect Site
You need to work with a geologist to study the site survey. You then search for the precious mineral in bedrock formations and waterways. Places to look are rivers, streams especially river bends.
Install Equipment
Setup your mining equipment for maximum efficiency. Use hand tools like shovels, diggers and shakers. The type of equipment depends on your permit.
Provide Living Quarters
The dig site is most likely in a remote are. So you need to provide habitable living quarters for yourself and workers. Build wooden cabins or put up tents and provide basic living utensils.
Provide Security
Security is very important in gold mines. This is because there are many people with bad intentions. If you have a permit to carry a weapon it is advisable to have one.
Find the Gold
Gold mining is hard work with no guarantee of success. You can work flat out without finding any gold. Gold miners tend to concentrate on the most productive sites for better result.


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