How to Start a Home Based Child Care Business

Child care Services is a billion dollar industry that attracts professions from different fields. The business is highly lucrative and slightly challenging.
The challenges are predicted on taking care of someone else child. There are private and public child care establishments including nanny services.
However many parents prefer home based child care above others. There are many reasons for the popularity of home child care.
Some reasons include working parents and increase in single parentage. Home services provide care for children in a personalized way. They operate within a home environment and accommodate only few children.
What You Need to Run a Home Child Care Business
To run a child care business at home you need state or feral license. The establishment should be issued an operational license with impeccable references.
Other criteria are business registration, fire safety measures and first aid training. The care giver should have good interpersonal skill, work under stressful situations and good people management.
  • operational license
  • impeccable references
  • business registration
  • fire safety measures
  • first aid training
  • good interpersonal skill
  • work under stressful situations
  • good people management
You need education or specialized training to start a child care business. Education includes bachelor’s degree in related field.
You need to pass childcare test organized by state government. Home care businesses are mandated to get an operational license. To increase your knowledge read books, attend symposium, go for advanced training.
  • bachelor’s degree
  • masters degree
  • pass childcare test
  • get an operational license
  • read books
  • attend symposium
  • go for advanced training
Why Start a Home-Based Child Care Business
There are many reasons why you should start a child care business. Home care outfits work only during the weekdays.
Their standard schedule is from 7 M to 5 PM, Monday to Friday. It is rare to find one in operation during the weekends. Other benefits include good growth potential, huge remunerations and low startup.
  • work only on weekdays
  • standard schedule
  • good growth potential
  • huge remunerations
  • low startup
Startup Challenges
The home business should conform to basic structural requirements. The play space should have safety protocols and structure modified to regulators standard.
You need to follow local laws and regulations guiding the business. The regulations only allow a limited number of children per establishment.
The business could be highly chaotic and stressful. You need to take out comprehensive insurance, follow fire safety protocols and get an operational license. Another requirement in some countries is join an association. You can become  member of the national association of childcare professionals.


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