How to Start Roasting Smokies for Profit

The terminology smokies refers to small sized sausages. There are over 150 varieties of sausages produced worldwide and they come in different sizes.
Smokies is a small cocktail sized smoked sausages are made from a combo of turkey, beef and pork. They are produced using one or more ingredients such as chicken, beef or pork.
The delicious snack is cooked, baked, fried, boiled or grilled. The delicacy is ideal for hotdogs, sausage rolls and addition to spaghetti.
Self Employment Opportunity
African countries have huge population of unemployed youths. And young graduates are thrust into the over saturated job market with little hope for gainful employment.
Most self employment opportunities require moderate startup capital or small interest loans. Theses facilities are difficult to achieve based on in-experience of a loan applicant and no collateral.
The smokies business is a good business opportunity with little capital investment and overheads. The business template is simple, easy to execute and highly profitable.
An individual only needs to purchase or fabricate basic equipment and source product. The business is practicable in any location and does not require a shop or leasehold.
You can do this business full or part time and working short hours. The peak period for practitioners is in the evening.
Acquire Culinary Skills
You need basic culinary skill to roast sausages. You also need ingredients like tomatoes, cucumber and onions. Add garnishes such as mayonnaise or ketchup to enhance the taste.
Develop you skill through practice, become an apprentice or read cookery books. You can hire a coach, read online publications and experiment. Organize a taste party with friends and family to get feedback.
Did you know that an average sale of one pack of 22 pieces at Ksh25 equates to Ksh1, 100 daily.
There are municipal laws guiding the business. If you wish to operate a full time business you need a license. However as a street vendor you are subjected to daily levies not exceeding Ksh30
To start the business you need a small budget. Your expenditure includes buying a grill, charcoal/gas and a seed packet of sausages.
To increase income you can add boiled eggs, roasted potatoes. A small scale one man startup could cost Ksh 5000 to Ksh 25,000. You can also buy a juicer and offer your patrons fresh fruit juice.
The size of your business model is entirely based on the amount of funds at your disposal. To get funds try targeting savings or borrowing from friends and family.
Sourcing the Sausages
There is a ready supply of sausages in the market. You can buy from stores, supermarkets or wholesalers. Make sure you buy the product at a reasonable price for maximum profit.
Find a Good Location
To succeed in this business you need to find a good location. The best option is to find locations close to your customer base.
Establish the outlet beside bars, entertainment centers or event centers. All you need is an open air cooking stall.
The location should have heavy human and vehicular traffic. Major street corners are ideal spots for the business. You only need to put up a small tent or cubical.
Major towns ideal for the business are Thika, Kisii, Kisumu, Mombasa and Nairobi.
Profit Margin
The profit margin is huge compared to the overhead cost. Running the business in Kenya is profitable and the individual tends to make Ksh 500 to Ksh2000 per day.


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