How to Start a Sublimation Printing Business

Sublimation printing involves creativity and printing technology. Anyone can learn the business within a month.
They can learn through books, seminars, job experience and apprentice programs. There are also video tutorials, eBooks and blogs that explain the process.
To succeed you need to buy quality equipment, find good a location and register the business. Sublimation technology involves digital printing of different objects.
They produce full customization and personalization when possible. The business is highly profitable and interesting. You need some technical support, basic business knowledge, sales and marketing channels.
Learn the Business
A good way to learn the business is to join an establishment. You could become an apprentice or hire coach. Other learning tools are webinars, webcasts, eBooks, articles and blogs. You can attend seminars, trade shows and learn how to use graphic design software.
  • become an apprentice
  • hire coach
  • webinars
  • webcasts
  • eBooks
  • articles
  • blogs
  • attend seminars
  • trade shows
  • Learn graphic design software.
How to Start the Business
To start the business you need to research and strategize. The strategy should focus on the product, and market. Narrow your target to specific areas and specialize.
Your research should cover customer demography, products they favor and market demand. Other considerations are pricing, competitors and product choice.
Finding out the products in demand gives you competitive edge. The product choice is huge because there are thousands of product choices.
  • research
  • focus on the product
  • market
  • target to specific areas
  • specialize
  • pricing
  • checkout competitors
The applications of Sublimation Technology
The applications of sublimation technology are making of personalized gifts and garment decoration. You find such prints on furnishing, décor, hard surface goods, photography and fine arts. Other uses are found on promotional products, crafts, quilting and fabrics.
  • personalized gifts
  • garment decoration
  • prints on furnishing
  • décor
  • hard surface goods
  • photography
  • fine arts
  • promotional products
  • crafts
  • quilting
  • fabrics
The type of products you choose will impact on your capital. This is because items differ and the type of product dictates the pricing.
Make sure the products you develop are useful, exciting and creative. Focus on quality high definition outputs. You can create test products to assess the market response. Try to design an efficient production system for best quality products.
Write a Business Plan
It is important you write a business plan. The plan should focus on the business structure, products, customer demography and goals. It should fashion sales and marketing strategy. Other considerations are sales goals, cash flow and future projections.
  • focus on the business structure
  • products
  • customer demography
  • goals
  • focus on sales and marketing strategy
  • sales goals
  • cash flow
  • future projections
The next consideration is startup capital. You need to establish a competitive brand so you need sufficient capital.
Startup cost includes shop space, equipment, utility bills and product. You can get low interest loans from a commercial bank or target save. Another way is to borrow from friends, colleagues and family.
The logistics involves establishing the business in an ideal location. The location should have heavy human and vehicular traffic. Top locations are shopping malls, markets, business areas.
Apart from furniture you need some equipment to start the business. Equipment’s you need are substrates, print software, heat press, sublijet-HD inks and transfer paper.
Others include printer, computer, and HD product decorating system. Make sure the printer you choose delivers HD photo quality reproductions at amazing speed.
The sublijet HD inks should be uniquely formulated to deliver high definition images in vibrant colors.  A midrange printer of 8 1/2" X 14" is ideal for the job unless you want to produce large objects.
Larger printers are ideal for serious commercial ventures. Make sure the unit you buy delivers consistent images, is precise and high quality.
  • Substrates
  • print software
  • heat press
  • sublijet-HD inks
  • transfer paper
  • printer
  • computer
  • HD product decorating system
How to grow your Business
To grow your business you need an educational program and real time production learning. Others include good sales and marketing strategy including business management.
You need real-time support, proper color management and product warranty. Don’t forget adequate funding and good location.


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