How to Start a Tissue Paper/Toilet Roll Company

The toilet paper is a consumer product used in every household. This essential product is used for hygiene purposes and to clean dirty surfaces.
Tissue paper manufacturing is a lucrative venture because of the huge market base. The industry n Nigeria is thriving due to the ban of importation. Although the locally made products lack quality, they are getting better each day.
Why start a Tissue Paper Business
As stated earlier tissue paper major attraction is its high demand. They are used in parties, restaurants, fast food outlets, hotels and homes.
They are common in schools, offices and hospitals. Some more reasons include few staff, easy management and simple manufacturing process. There are also export opportunities to neighboring countries and ready supply of raw materials.
tissue paper

  • high demand
  • huge market base
  • good profit making potential
  • few staff
  • easy management
  • simple manufacturing process
  • export opportunities
  • ready supply of raw materials
  • availability of locally fabricated machinery
There are some challenges associated to the business. The major difficulty is electricity. Power is a major challenge in Nigeria including utility bills.
The machine needs regular maintenance and startup is huge. The locally fabricated machine breakdown easily and require constant repair. Others are huge competition, working capital and tax.
 Register the Business
Try to choose a good business name and register the company. Make it a limited liability company. Find a production site in an industrial or commercial area. Make sure the shop has adequate space to accommodate machinery and inventory.
Tissue Paper Machinery
The entrepreneur could purchase either a locally fabricated machines or automated machines. The local machines are usually manual and semi-automated.
The local machines are low cost with low production capacity. The machine have lots of replacement parts and is easy to maintain.
The automated machine produces huge amount of papers daily. The machine consists of tissue sealing machine and cutting machine.
Other machinery is air compressor machine, tissue paper rewinding machine. The local machines are fragile and consist of core making machine and rewinding machine. The machine also includes a rugged band saw cutting machine.
  • locally fabricated machines or automated machines
  • tissue sealing machine
  • cutting machine
  • air compressor machine
  • tissue paper
  • rewinding machine
  • core making machine
  • rewinding machine
  • band saw cutting machine
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The Raw Material
The raw material is abundant and easily sourced. The primary raw material is the jumbo roll. Find a trustworthy supply and purchase at competitive price.
The amount of money invested depends on the size of the operation. The cost of a plant ranges from N3 – N25 million naira. Approach a commercial bank or bank of industry for loans.
Marketing and Staffing
You need to hire qualified and experienced staff. The staff includes machine operator, cleaner, driver and apprentice.
The best marketing strategy is networking and building customer base. Use electronic and print media to spread the word.
Use yellow pages, website and social media networks. There is no serious brand awareness because people generally purchase alongside other essentials.
The manufacturer needs to reach out to wholesalers and retailers. They should offer discounts, bulk purchase, and promotions. The company can hire sale representative to work on commission per order.


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