How to Start Your Own Advertisement Company in Nigeria

The first step to starting your own advertisement agency is to write a comprehensive business plan. Then study your competitors and learn the trade.
The very essence of advertisement is innovation, visibility and competition. To succeed you need high net worth clients and ideas.
The job of an agency is to reach customer everywhere. The agency provides primary services such as graphic designs, production and copyrighting.
An agency requires highly creative and motivated staff including funding. Startup capital depends on your business template, demography and staff strength. You can launch the business part time or full out.
Types of Advertisement
Advertisement has evolved over the years from billboards to 3D. You have ads in magazines, newspapers, television and radio ads. Print ads include billboards, posters, banners and flyers. The innovation includes different formats of online ads, skyscraper ads and inlay ads.
  • Mobile and Cell Phone Advertising
  • Online
  • Billboards
  • Broadcast
  • Guerilla advertising
  • Product placement
  • Public service
  • Outdoors advertising
  • Social media ads
  • periodical
Why Start an Advert Company
The only reason you should consider stating an agency is to make money. Advert companies make huge earnings on commissioned work.
The other reasons are huge customer base and job satisfaction. Your customer base is startup companies, manufacturing companies and small medium enterprises. Companies tend to spend huge money to remain ahead of the pack.
How to Start the Business
Define Goals
Before you embark on the creative journey you need to determine your goals for the business. Do you want to work from home, offer full time or part time services? Other determinants are type of clients and services on offer..
Get Educated
To achieve success you need to get educated. You can acquire a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in related field.
Another way is to become an intern, attend seminars or an advert training institution. Go to workshops, read tutorials and learn through online courses. You also need basic business skills, management, graphic and accounting knowledge.
Choose a Niche
You need to decide on the type of advertising agency to establish. You could specialize on internet ads, television and radio.
Other areas are multi media, signage boards, 3D, Animation or social media. Offer your clients specific services and specialization.
Remain Dynamic
The advertisement business develops at an alarming pace. You need to keep up with changing practices and new trends. This will aid your presentations and pitch. Remain updated by attending conferences and seminars.
Write an Advertisement Business Plan
You can hire someone to write your advertisement agency business plan. The plan should focus on funding, location, management structure and future projections. It should estimate the fixed and working capital and staffing.
A home based agency requires low startup. However a larger establishment needs huge funds. Acquire bank loans, try target savings or borrow from friends and family.
You could seek investors and sell startup equity or find a core investor. Other fund raising techniques include crowdfunding and partnership.
If you seek high net worth clients you need to incorporate. Register the business as a limited liability company. You need federal tax identification number and local business permit.  You can join a state or federal association because they provide legitimacy and support members.
Build a portfolio Website
Buy a keyword rich domain name and paid host plan. Put together a portfolio website to showcase your past work and services.
Add your telephone number, address and customer service center. Use a premium template to design the site and promote through online advertisement.
Rent Office Space
It is important renting an office to meet clients, have meeting and create ads. Make sure the office is properly furnished with computers, printers and scanner. You need a conference room and reception area.
Hire Qualified Workers
You need graphic designers and creative people in your team. The advert world thrives on innovation and creativity. The products should appeal to the target audience and bring desired results. The more successful the product the more clients you get.
Build Your Client Base
Focus on a specific industry and build your client base. Some advert companies have only a few high net worth clients and earn huge commissions.
You could also provide services for many small and medium companies. Attract clients through referrals, word of mouth and networking.
Offer Quality Services
The quality of your services is essential for growth. The question is why a company should choose you over others.
The only reason is quality service and good products. Companies have a habit of studying their competitors and would likely use the same agency as their competitors.
Steps to Starting an Advertisement Business
1. Business Registration-To start an advert agency select a business and domain name. Register the business as a limited liability company. You need tax payers identification number (TIN) from the Inland Revenue Service.
2. Streamline your Services-you need to focus on a niche and offer your clients specific services.
3. Purchase Equipment-you need equipment such s digital cameras, computer, laser jet printer and modem. Use the latest design software and buy a projector.
4. Stationary- Stock your office with basic stationary like bond papers, staplers, pen, markers
5. Print Promotional Material- print promotional materials like business cards, flyers, banners and posters.
6. Develop a Pricing System - make sure your prices are competitive and reflect what is obtainable in the business.
7. Provide Customer Relation-you need serious customer relations and marketing to reach potential clients.
8. Build a Website-build a website and use soil media channels to promote your brand.
9. Build a portfolio of your work and use testimonials
10.  Offer discount and get involved in community activities.
11.  Advertise your company in directories, classified websites, yellow pages and newspapers publications.
12. Write an advertisement agency business plan
13. Join a trade association
14. Outsource
15. Hire qualified staff


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