Simple Guide on Udemy Courses was founded by Eren Bali and has an overall rank of 83/100. Created in 2007 the website has a marketplace dedicated to online learning.
They have a huge category of courses that touch any imaginable subject. The website provides a variety of tools for their instructors to deliver the courses. The course prices differ and are set by the instructor.
Types of Courses offered at Udemy.
The types of courses offered by Udemy are designed for online learning. Common categories include online commerce, marketing, fitness and health. You find courses on entrepreneurship, business, sole proprietorship, affiliate marketing.
  • online learning
  • online commerce
  • marketing
  • fitness
  • health
  • entrepreneurship
  • business
  • sole proprietorship
  • affiliate marketing
 Tools Provided by Udemy
To deliver the courses Udemy provides variety of tools. The instructors build the courses using the tools. They can deploy audio presentations, video, pdf and ZIP files. You find over 10,000 instructional courses on any topic.
  • audio presentations
  • video
  • pdf
  • ZIP files
The rate for each course is average and affordable. They are a alternative to regular courses taught at universities or colleges. However you are not given any degree or use the courses to gain credit. They basically offer job related knowledge in a practical way.
The rates start from $5 to $200+ depending on the instructors charges. They are generally beginner courses and skill acquisition. Stage courses could go from beginners, intermediate to expert.
The pros of learning through Udemy courses include wide verity of instructional material. Contact with instructors and applicable resources across different devices.
Another advantage is the affordability of the lesions. Sometimes you get a mentor and some courses are taught live to students.
The course might not contain adequate lesions. Some courses are poorly presented. Some course are to highly priced and poor. They don’t earn a degree or certificate on the site.


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