Start a Cement Mill Business

Cement milling is the process whereby nodular clinker from cement kiln is ground into fine powder. You have the vertical roller mill or ball mills used in the grinding process.
Cement is an important building material used in foundations and building construction. It is used to make roads, pathways, blocks and poles. The commodity is in high demand and attracts good price.
The business requires huge startup for purchase or lease of equipment. You need to register your business name, hire qualified staff, source raw materials and secure an operational license.
cement ball mill
cement ball
Cement Mill Equipment
The size and scope of the mill will determine the type of equipment you need. Common equipment’s are vibrating screen machine, sand washer, belt conveyor and crusher.
Others include vibrating feeder, reinforced ultrafine mill, spiral classifier and cone crusher. You would find a milling machine, magnet separator and ball mill.
You need to seek technical assistance to select the most appropriate equipment for your mill. You could also consider buying small concrete recycling machine.
However the primary equipment used to grind the crushed raw material is Ball or Vertical Mill. The machinery is versatile and can handle ferrous metal, building materials and cement.
Cement Milling Plant Equipments
  • vibrating screen machine
  • sand washer
  • belt conveyor
  • crusher
  • vibrating feeder
  • reinforced ultrafine mill
  • spiral classifier
  • cone crusher
  • magnet separator
  • ball mill
  • vertical mill
  • small concrete recycling machine
The Operation of a Cement Mill
The cement mill is made up of different sections. You have the turning, feeding, discharging sections. Some manufacturer use wet ball mills while other prefers dry ball mills operation. They also use concrete mixers to achieve desired consistency.
Write a Cement Mill Business Plan
You should contact an expert to write your cement mill business plan. The next step is to purchase equipment and find a steady supply of raw materials. Hire machine operators and sales representatives.
Your cement should conform to the federal and state laws. The consistency, manufacturing and bagging is very important. Register the business name and company logo.
Register the business as a limited liability company and get insurance cover. You also need employer tax identification number.
The industry requires huge capital investment. Secure funds through angel investors, bank loans or partnership arrangement. You could sell startup equity to raise funds by inviting a core investor.
Make sure your product is top quality and competitive. Offer good prices identical to what is obtainable in the market. Use electronic and print media to spread the word. Try to network with estate developers, builders and construction firms.
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