Taboola Review: How to Drive Traffic to Your Website with Taboola

Taboola is a content discovery platform that provides links to articles, slideshows and videos. They predict user experience and interests of web visitors by providing sponsored content.
The content is served on websites in an appealing and rather interesting way. They predict user interests and serve as appropriate.
Most webmasters prefer placing the links at the bottom of the web page after the main content. The software then engages visitors and increases consumer awareness of the service and products.
The platform also has an astounding 1 billion users with over 350 billion recommendations.
Top Publishers Using Taboola
There are many top ranked web publishers on Taboola. Premium websites using this platform are The Weather Channel, The Atlantic and NBC. Others are USA Today and Fox Sports.
  • The Weather Channel
  • The Atlantic
  • NBC
  • USA Today
  • Fox Sports
Devices Supported
The devices they support include window mobile, Mac, iPhone, Linux, iPad, Web-Based and windows.  They support international languages, Canada, USA, UK.
  • window mobile
  • Mac
  • iPhone
  • Linux
  • iPad
  • Web-Based
  • Windows
Taboola Features
Taboola has many good features for publishers and advertisers. They use predictable engine software, targeting, reporting and offer monetization options. Other features are large audience, full control, editorial control and increased revenue from native advertising.
  • predictable engine software
  • targeting
  • reporting
  • monetization options
  • large audience
  • full control
  • editorial control
  • increased revenue from native advertising
Taboola Pricing Plan
The price model is quote based and support customer types such as small business owners, freelancer, medium and large enterprises.
The deployment is cloud based and pricing plan is based on cost per click (CPC). They charge $0.75 for network of top 30 websites and the site has a positive social rating.
User Experience
They have high marks for verified customer support, user experience and use powerful visual website optimization software. Top competitors are Affise, NVIK Marketing, Exponea, automational and visual Webmaster Optimizer.
Why Use Taboola
Taboola offers interesting and appealing content and gains the attention of the audience. It drives traffic to your website through engaging content.
The highly viral content is purposely focused on user experience and re-targeting. They drive targeted recommendations offer native placement and have a huge selection of media outlets.
They advertiser has full control of their campaign with 100% guaranteed transparency. They are good at spreading brand awareness and driving targeted audience.
  • offer interesting and appealing content
  • gains the attention of the audience
  • engaging content
  • highly viral content
  • focused on user experience
  • they use re-targeting
  • drive targeted recommendations
  • offer native placement
  • huge selection of media outlets
  • advertiser has full control of their campaign
  • 100% guaranteed transparency
  • spreading brand awareness
  • driving targeted audience
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