The Different Types of Advertisement

Advertisement choices are increasing everyday with different types of media. Advertisers have a huge selection of ways to pass the message across.
You have the electronic media, smartphone devices, print and the internet. The formats achieve different goals and are focused on specific clientele.
They are used to promote a products, services, brand awareness and lead generation. Product adverting provides benefits or announces changes to an existing product. Corporate advertising is geared towards sales while direct response offer incentives for customer details.
Product Placement Advertisement
Product placement advertisement is an ingenious way for brand awareness. The technique involves placing a product in a strategic location to attract people.
The product or service could be placed within a television series, drama or movie. The producers only need to consciously focus on the brand name or product in certain scenes.
This method is used by film producers to get funding for their production. The product could be a vehicle, clothing or beverage product. The same technique is applicable to music videos.
an advert
Outdoors Advertising
Outdoors advertising is the traditional method used by advertisement companies. The company sells advertisement space on a billboard conspicuously placed at a busy location. Such locations are bridges, highways and commercial areas. More outdoors methods are flyers, posters and banners.
Broadcast Advertising
Despite new media options broadcast advertising is still very effective. The campaign includes radio and television broadcast.
Television reaches a huge number of people daily. The advertiser tries to show the ads during peak periods such as a popular television dram or national news broadcast.
Guerrilla Advertisement
Guerrilla advertisement thrives due to the advent of social media platforms. The strategy involves creative ideas, low budgeting and innovation. Audience participation is essential to the success of the campaign.
Print Advertisement
Small business owners generally use print advertisement. This is because it is cheaper and easy to execute. Types of print ads are banners, poster and billboards. They  also print flyers, business cards and brochures.
Mobile Phone Advertisement
This type of advert is intrusive and annoying. The ads are delivered to your smart devices such as iPad, cell phones and eBook readers. They are usually served as native ads or text ads.
Online Advertisement
There is a hundred percent probability that you have seen an online advert. Just look around this site and you have them in the sidebar or footer.
Online ads are important to website not only as a monetization technique but to keep the site operational. Online ads evolved from static images to dynamic high definition images.
The top types include display ads, social media ads and search engine marketing. Others are native advertising, retargeting, email marketing and video ads.
Email Marketing
Email marketing is a cheap and effective form of marketing. The originator can track a campaign and study conversions.
To properly use this medium you need email campaign manager. The websites that offer this service are Active Campaign, MailChip and AWeber. Others are Campaign Monitor, Convert Kit and Constant Contact.
Video Advertisement
The video ads allow the advertiser present a visual story. The formats are different but the goal the same. Places to post your videos are YouTube, Vimeo, YuMe, Facebook and Twitter. Other places are Tremor Video, Adap Tv, Hulu and Brightroll.
Native Ads
Native ads are very effective marketing tool. They are usually sponsored content at the footer of blogs or within content.
They integrate seamlessly with the theme and color of a website. The different forms of native advertising are promoted listing and in-feed. Others are search ads and recommended widgets.
  • Promoted listing
  • in-feed
  • search ads
  • recommended widgets
Social Media Advertisement
With millions of people on social media everyday it is only logical to advertise. Social media ads are targeted at the users.
They use the person’s demography, age, sex and interest to serve the ads. Top social media platforms are google+, Instagram and twitter. We have Facebook, Tumbir, Stumbleupon, Linkedin and Reddit. The adverts on social platforms are either paid or organic.
Social Media Platforms
  • google+
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Tumbir
  • Stumbleupon
  • Linkedin
  • Reddit
Display Ads
A display ad is an affordable format generally found on websites or blogs. The format includes wallpaper, skyscraper, text and static images. You have the video format, popup ads and flash ads.


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