How to Start a Biscuit Business in Nigeria

Biscuit is a snack eaten by both adults and children. The cost is affordable and common in children’s lunch packs or eaten as a treat.
It has some nutritious value, lightweight and easy to manufacture. Several billion tons are consumed worldwide each year.
The amount of investment you need depends on many factors. They include type of equipment, location, volume of production, labor and raw materials.
 Once packaged properly in watertight nylon they are durable. To start the business you need baking knowledge, industrial oven and a good recipe. Others are business registration, dedicated staff and branding.
Things to Consider
There are a few things to consider before starting the business. You need a good feasibility study of the viability of the project.
Then write a biscuit manufacturing business pln. You need to estimate scale of production, output and availability of raw materials.
Other considerations are machinery, labor and manufacturing techniques. More includes future projections, cash flow and marketing. Another important aspect is acquiring NAFDAC registration number.
  • good feasibility study
  • write  biscuit manufacturing business plan
  • estimate scale of production
  • output
  • availability of raw materials
  • machinery
  • labor
  • manufacturing techniques
  • future projections
  • cash flow and marketing
  • NAFDAC registration number
Types of Biscuits
There are different types of biscuits in the Nigerian market. The common types are chocolate spread, crackers and coaster crispy. Others are cabin biscuit, cookies and shortbread.
  • chocolate spread
  • crackers
  • coaster crispy
  • cabin biscuit
  • cookies
  • shortbread
The biscuits fall under edibles and are highly regulated. You need NAFDAC number and standard organizational approval.
Other requirements are incorporation and national health insurance cover. You need an operational license and your factory would be subjected to heath and safety checks.
  • NAFDAC number
  • standard organizational approval
  • incorporation
  • national health insurance
  • operational license
Financing the Biscuit Company
There are three ways to establish a biscuit company. You can work small scale from home, lease a warehouse or purchase a building.
The amount of money is predicated on the types of machinery and production capacity. You can purchase semi automated machinery, large generating set and you need working capital.
The working capital is for procurement of raw materials, transportation, labor and marketing. You can start a medium scale manufacturing company with N50 Million naira. A home based business only requires an industrial oven and labor.
Machinery and Equipment
Some moderate companies can produce 1000kg biscuits per day. The type of machinery could be manual, semi-automatic, automatic or locally fabricated.
Common equipment are tunnel gas oven, rotary forming machine and flour mixer. The rotary forming machines are of two types.
We have the rotary forming machine for soft biscuits and the one for hard biscuits. Other equipment's are layout turning machine, sandwich machine, packaging and cooling conveyor.
  • tunnel gas oven
  • rotary forming machine
  • flour mixer
  • weighing machine
  • layout turning machine
  • sandwich machine
  • packaging
  • cooling conveyor
Small Home Based Manufacturing Equipment
To run a home based business you need a dedicated kitchen aside your regular home one. Then build a large counter-top for the production.
Other requirements are large oven, baking pans and storage facility. Your business should pass regular health and safety certification and tests. You need a business license, safety gear and recipe.
The business is a highly competitive with hundreds of brands in the market. To succeed make sure your product is delicious and high quality.
You need serious marketing strategy to reach customers. Use television advertisement, radio and print. Print billboards, banners and posters. Organize social events, charity events and school events. Your primary target is children in primary and secondary schools.
What You Need to Start a Biscuit Business
1. License and registration
2. Startup capital
3. Good location
4. Effective marketing strategy
5. Good pricing
6. Hire qualified employees
7. Write a business plan
8. Buy equipment


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