How to Start Crayfish Business in Nigeria

Crayfish is abundant in Nigeria and very popular. An investor could make good money in the business. Did you know that they have between 450 to 800 offspring mature in 90 days. Popular markets with abundance of the produce Niger Delta areas, Akwa Ibom, Rivers and Cross river states
Starting a Crayfish Business
  • Write a business plan
  • Conduct a survey and feasibility study
  • Find sources for your produce
  • Rent office space in commercial area
  • Secure funding
  • Incorporate the business
  • Market the produce
Things to Consider Before Starting Crayfish Business
The first thing to do is write a crayfish business plan. Then carry out a survey and feasibility study. You need to know the current price, packaging and sales channels.
Locate the Business
You need an office space with storage capacity. The business premises should be located in a busy market or commercial area. The location should have heavy human and vehicular traffic. Store the produce in a well ventilated area.
Write a Crayfish Business Plan
You need to write a crayfish business plan. The plan should focus on sourcing the product, storage, sales outlets. You need a mode of transportation, startup capital. Other considerations is business registration, staffing.
Conduct a Feasibility Study
 The feasibility study should focus on the viability of the business. Study your competitors, current pricing, supply channel. Then study focus on customer demography.
Incorporate the Business
Register the business with the corporate affairs commission. Register as a sole proprietor or LLC. Choose a simple business name that is keyword rich.  You could get some insurance cover for the business. It is not mandatory that you register the business.
Places to Sell Crayfish
There are only a few challenges in the crayfish business. You need a ready source of the product. Others are transportation cost, preservation of the crayfish.
There many place to sell your produce. Popular places are open market, restaurants, supermarkets and stall. Other locations are hotels, fast food outlets, offices, canteens.
Make sure the prices you offer are reasonable and competitive. Most dealers purchase them in bulk and sell retail.  A purchase from the sources would afford the investor a whooping 200% markup in retail sales.
Advertise your produce on television, radio and print media. Use newspaper advertisements, flyers, posters and banners.


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