How to Start Groundnut Paste Production Business

Groundnut paste business is a highly lucrative enterprise. You can use basic fabricated machinery to achieve a good output.
To start the business write a business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Register the business, secure funding, and hire experienced workers. Make sure you learn the manufacturing process and find a good location for your factory.
Learn the Trade
Learn how to process groundnut paste through study programs or training workshops. Attend seminars, read books or online courses. Gain practical experience as an apprentice or work in a processing company. Another way is to hire a private tutor or technical staff.
groundnut paste

  • study programs
  • training workshops
  • seminars
  • read books
  • online courses
  • practical experience
  • hire a private tutor
Secure small loans from micro finance banks or trade banks. Try target savings or borrow from friends/family. Find an investor or sell startup equity in the business. Other ways is to try crowdfunding, corporative societies or partnership.
  • micro finance banks
  • trade banks
  • target savings
  • borrow from friends/family
  • an investor
  • startup equity
  • crowdfunding
  • corporative societies
  • partnership
Your product needs to pass the National Food & Drug administration test and registration. The packaging should have the product name, date of manufacture, expiration date.
It should have the NAFDAC Registration number, batch number. Register the paste business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company with the corporate affairs commission. Take out insurance including a tax identification number.
You can locate the factory close to source of raw material or market. To locate the business you need to estimate transportation costs, handling. Other considerations are storage, packaging, equipment.
The equipment to make groundnut paste can be sourced locally or imported. The machinery is manual, semi-automatic or automatic.
The production capacity depends on the output of the equipment or production line. Common equipments are groundnut roster and processing tank. Others include colloid oil mill, motorized mixer, weighing and packaging machine. An average production line should have a roster capable of 1.5Tons, processing tank1Ton per days.
The marketing considerations are advertisement, discounts and promotions. Use flyers, posters, banners and signboards.
Advertise in newspapers, food magazines including social media channels. Build a website to showcase your product. Drive targeted traffic through Facebook Ads or Adwords.


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