How to Grow and Market Edible Mushrooms in Nigeria

Nigeria has perfect weather for mushroom growing and they attract good prices. Despite a huge population of over 150 million people Nigerians hardly eat edible mushrooms.
There are few mushroom farmers and moderate consumer market. Those that embrace mushroom farming are making good money. This is because of little competition.
The major advantage to this business is low startup capital and space requirement. You can start the business at your backyard or work part time. The business is practicable alongside your regular job.
The other incentive is huge financial reward for your effort. Commercial farmers are capable of making six figure incomes in the business. However the major challenge is finding credible customers for your product.
Edible Mushrooms
Facts about Mushrooms
Mushroom is the fleshy part of a fungi growth found on logs, soil or tree trunks. Some are edible while others are dangerous to consume.
The edible mushrooms are delicious with many health benefits. Mushrooms prefer moist shady environment and need plenty of oxygen to grow.
There are four categories of mushrooms the parasitic type, entophytic, Mycorrhizal, and Saprotrophic. It is important you recognize and choose only edible mushrooms. 
Types of Edible Mushroom
There are many types of edible mushrooms found around the world. Common types of edible mushroom are Shiitake, and Chanterelles. Others include Pleurotus Oysters, Morchella Esculenta.
Once you identify the edible mushroom you want to grow purchase spawn from credible sources. The spawn carries the mycelium that is cultivated.
Learn the Business
Before you can go into mushroom farming learn the trade. There are many ways to acquire knowledge.  Learn through seminars, online courses, practical demonstrations and books. You can hire a tutor or work on a mushroom farm.
Decide on the Medium
Mushrooms grow in different mediums therefore you need to decide on the medium. There are three possible candidates for growing mushrooms. You can grow them on log wood, sawdust or straw material.
Basic Growing Technique
The growing technique depends on the type of mushroom and medium of choice. The medium should be free from micro organisms then spread in container.
Mix the spawn with medium (straw) in container and place in direct sunlight to introduce heat. After heating the mixed medium, place in darkroom, drawer, box or cabinet.
The environment should be dark, damp but airy. To maintain a damp consistency spray with water periodically. Growing mushrooms is highly technical so you need adequate knowledge of growing techniques.
How to get the Spawn
There are three ways to get the mushroom spawn in Nigeria. You can order for the spawn online, buy from a farmer or the federal institute of international research Oshodi Lagos.
To sell your produce you need a regular customer base. Sell your produce to large supermarkets, restaurants and hotels.
Try Shoprite, Eko Hotel, Lagoon Restaurant and locations in Lekki, Ikoyi or Victoria Island. Once you conduct good marketing research you will be surprised by the huge market for your product.


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