How to Start a Small Fruit Juice Business in India

Mumbai is an urban city that runs 24 hours and ideal for fruit juice bars. The business is very lucrative, easy to establish. Fruit juice is delicious, refreshing and nutritious. There are many health benefits to drinking juice

There are some things to consider before starting a fruit juice business. Find out the popularity of the fruit among locals, and then prepare a business plan, budget. Make sure the fruit is readily available in the local market. Choose different verities of fruit and aim for quality.

Fruit Juice Business

How to Start a Fruit Juice Business


The location you choose will determine the success or failure of the enterprise. You need to locate the business in a busy area with heavy human traffic.

Ideal locations are near offices, schools, shopping or commercial areas. Others are supermarkets, within shopping center, mall or entertainment center. Visibility, proximity to market base is essential.

Stand Out

The juicing business could be very boring without innovation. You need to stand out from the pack. Differentiate your products by creating interesting mixtures that are tasty and fun.

Experiment with smoothies, recipes or add snacks to menu. Use a good interior designer to create an interesting ambiance. Give your products unusual names, offer competitive prices. You can provide attractive menu cards to your customers.

Juice Bar Equipment

The juice business requires only basic equipment. You need a juicer, blender, mixing cups, filers. Others are cocktail glasses, cash register, glass cups and refrigerator. Buy a generating set in the event of power failure. You need proper utilities like electricity, portable water and disposal units.

  • Juicer
  • Blender
  • mixing cups
  • filers
  • cocktail glasses
  • cash register
  • refrigerator
  • generating set


Work on staff training to offer your customers good service. A fruit juice bar can operate with one or two personnel.

You need a juice mixer, service person to perform multiple tasks like cleaning, cash collection and accounting. You can run the bar yourself or hire additional help.


To maximize your profit purchase the fruits in bulk. Contact wholesalers or farmers in your area. Bulk purchase reduces costs significantly, offers fresher juice.

Financing the business is relatively easy. You need funds for a juice bar, equipment, raw materials and interior d├ęcor. Secure funds through target savings or borrow from family, friends. You could decide to take on a partner or approach a thrift credit society.

Legal Requirements

The legal requirements involve need FSSAI license and registration. Register the shop as a sole proprietor business or private limited liability company. You could get insurance cover, fill tax requirements. There is also food handler health, safety provisions.

Fruit Juice Production

You might decide to expand your business to package fruit juice. The type of fruit juice level of purity depends on the manufacturer. They must however place a label indicting the content, date of production and ingredients. The level of purity should be clearly displayed on the packaging.

Fruit Juice Production Equipment

Fruit juice production needs specialized equipment. The equipment you need are laboratory equipment, juice extractor, cooling, labeler, sealing, intake equipment.

The type of equipment could be locally fabricated or imported. It could be fully automated or semi-automated depending on your funding.

  • laboratory equipment
  • juice extractor
  • cooling
  • labeler
  • sealing
  • intake equipment

Fruit Juice Production Process

The production process depends on the type of fruit juice. To produce fruit juice you need fruit selection, preparation. Next stage is juice extraction, straining, filtration. The final process involves cooling, packaging, storage.

Fruit Juice Production Flow Chart

Fruit selection– preparation– juice extraction– straining- filtration- cooling– packaging - storage.


Collect the fresh fruit, sort, and wash using a rotary brush system. This process is important to remove impurities like leaves, dirt, and sand.

The fruits are then crushed into pulp with a pressing machine. After pulping it goes through straining, centrifugal then filtered. The filtering process removes particles such as seeds, skin, and fruit tissues.

The cooling stage ensures good color, nice tasting juice.  Before filling the bottles they must go through sterilization. Filling machine is deployed in the packing stage including vacuum mechanism.

Fruit Selling Business

Advertise the Business

The business of making juice is very competitive. Therefore you need to advertise the product.  You can distribute pamphlets, use television, radio and print. Print flyers, posters, banners, billboard. Fruit makers need to find outlets such as supermarkets, mall and retailers.

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