Starting a Fast Food Restaurant in Nigeria

The restaurant business is challenging but rewarding. They tend to cater to peoples culinary needs in a pleasant leisure atmosphere.
 An average outfit provides sumptuous snacks, drinks and fostering social interactions. The popularity of the business in Nigeria is because of few entertainments or leisure locations in the country.
Other reasons include huge population, quick meals, affordability. Some restaurants include full meals in their menu. The enterprise requires huge startup capital, dedicated personnel, good location, quality meals.
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Here are two ways to venture into the fast food business. The investor could leverage on franchising or start from scratch. The franchising option is very popular in Nigeria with top brand names like Tantalizer, Mr. Big.
To enter into a franchise agreement costs lots of money. The investor needs to have a good location, provide adequate infrastructure.
The franchise owners offer technical expertise, training, popular menu. The new franchisee enjoys the patronage of an establish brand, free advertisement. To get into the business approach the head office of the company.
Start From Scratch
This option is tough, challenging, capital intensive. Startup requirements are leasing building, interior decoration, equipment. Others are creating a menu, trained personnel and serious advertisement.
The investor should incorporate and provide tax information, insurance cover. There are also food handler’s certification, signboard fees and marketing. They need to sourcing raw products from wholesalers, farmers.
Fast Food Startup Requirements
  • leasing the building
  • interior decoration
  • equipment
  • creating a menu
  • hiring trained personnel
  • advertisement
  • incorporate the business
  • provide tax information
  • insurance cover
  • signboard fees
  • marketing
  • sourcing raw products
Sourcing Raw Materials
The fast food restaurant must find credible source for raw materials. They need to buy in bulk to offer competitive prices. Common raw materials are eggs, flour, sugar, butter. They need nylons, packaging materials, cleaning agents, diesel for the generator.
  • Eggs
  • Flour
  • Sugar
  • Butter
  • Nylons
  • packaging materials
  • cleaning agents
  • diesel
The best way to fund the enterprise is through bank loans. Approach a commercial bank in your locality for long term, low interest loans. Other funding sources are through partnership, core investor or sale of startup equity in the business.
Fast Food Restaurant Equipment
The diner needs to experience a comfortable dinning experience. Serious consideration should be given to the interior decoration. Hire an interior decorator to create a beautiful ambiance.
Equipment needed is television sets, large air conditioners, tables, chairs. Buy freezers, generating set, refrigerators, microwave, large oven, kitchen utensils. More are branded snack packs, plates, cups, display cabinets, uniforms.
  • interior d├ęcor
  • television sets
  • large air conditioners
  • tables
  • chairs
  • freezers
  • generating set
  • refrigerators
  • microwave
  • large oven
  • kitchen utensils
  • branded snack packs
  • plates
  • cups
  • display cabinets
  • uniforms
Type of Menu
The type of menu common in fast food restaurant is meat pies, egg rolls, scotch eggs, sausage rolls and grilled chicken. More are local and intercontinental dishes. They serve soft drinks, yogurt, fruit drinks, ice creams, beverage drinks.
Fast Food Menu
  • meat pies
  • egg rolls
  • scotch eggs
  • sausage rolls
  • grilled chicken
  • local dishes
  • intercontinental dishes
  • soft drinks
  • yogurt
  • fruit drinks
  • ice creams
  • beverage drinks
The personnel should be highly trained in the food business. Hire qualified chef, cooks, service personnel, accounting and procurement officer.
The establishment needs security guards, driver, dispatch personnel, manager. Apart from onsite service an outfit could include home delivery service.
Marketing involves branding opportunities, television and radio advertisement. Print flyers, posters, banners, billboards, signboards. Use promotions, discounts and leverage on holidays or special seasons like valentine, Christmas.


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