Ultimate Guide to Starting a Small Ice-cream Business in India

Ice cream business is vey lucrative and interesting. You need basic kitchen equipment, good location and startup capital.

They sell best in hot climate and leisure locations. There are two ways to establish an ice cream shop. You could leverage on an existing franchise or start from scratch.

Franchising involves huge financial involvement, however the benefits include recognized brand, technical support. Starting an independent parlor requires less funding, many challenges.


Guide to Starting an Ice Cream Business

1. Write a Business Plan

The first step is to write an ice cream parlor business plan. Then conduct a good market research. Study the competition then establish in an area with few competitors.

To attract customers create quality products and remain consistent. You need proper marketing, good interior layout and friendly staff.

2. Focus on a Niche

There are different types of ice cream shops. You need to determine the business format and type of cream to serve costumers. You can add delivery service or other related products to increase profit.

3. Create a Menu

It is important creating a good menu. The reason is because of huge competition in the business. You need to develop amazing flavors and tastes. Learn to experiment and get customer reviews and comments. The more unique your flavors the better your chances at success.

4. Finance

To start an ice cream business you need moderate funds. The equipment is basic and readily available in the market.

The amount of investment depends on type of equipment, supplies, rent, interior, and staff wages. The cost of setting up an ice cream business depends on many factors such as location, type of equipment and customer base. To secure funds save or borrow from friends and family.

5. Locate the Business

The best locations are areas of huge traffic and leisure spots. You can open around a residential area, commercial area or popular shopping mall. To find an ideal location you can conduct a market research to identify the ideal spot.

6. Staff

The number of staff depends on the size of the enterprise. You need servers, cashier, cleaners, account staff. You can easily operate a one man business. You need point of sale software for appropriate billing.

7. Licensing

Your product needs to pass the state government food and drug provisions. There are also merchandizing license and sanitary requirements.

Select a business name and register as a sole proprietorship. You need a tax identification number and health insurance cover.

8. Ice Cream Shop Equipment

To run an ice cream shop you need some equipment. They are readily available in the market and affordable. You need waffle cone supplies, crepe makers and waffle cone makers.

Soft serve supplies to consider are soft serve ice cream mix, ice cream machines, cleaners and sanitizers. Common supplies include topping dispensers, ice cream cones, cream whispers.

More are condiment dispenser pump, cone dispense and soft serve mchines. Supplies to consider are ice, slushy, syrups, cleaner’s, sanitizers.

9. Safety Sanitation Supplies

Safety sanitation supplies you need are hand soap, dispensers, food service equipment, and disposable gloves. Others include disposable chef hats, hairnets. More are sanitation chemicals, pest control products, disinfectants, surface wipes.

  • hand soap
  • dispensers
  • food service equipment
  • disposable gloves
  • disposable chef hats
  • hairnets
  • sanitation chemicals
  • pest control products
  • disinfectants
  • surface wipes

10. Serving Supplies

Serving supplies are plastic flatware, taster spoons and ice cream cone holders. Stock disposable plastic bowls, foam food bowls and desert dishes. You need cordial glasses, desert glasses, and disposable cups.

  • plastic flatware
  • taster spoons
  • ice cream cone holders
  • disposable plastic bowls
  • foam food bowls
  • desert dishes
  • cordial glasses
  • desert glasses
  • disposable cups

11. Storage and Dipping Supplies

It is essential your product is kept at appropriate temperature. These set of supplies are ideal for storage.

You need storage containers, insulated bags and cold slab units. Purchase commercial freezers, food pans, cold crocks and plastic food pans.

  • storage containers
  • insulated bags
  • cold slab units
  • commercial freezers
  • food pans
  • cold crocks
  • plastic food pans

12. Marketing and Merchandising

Attract patronage by advertising your product through mechanizing or print medium. Use display signboards, legible menu boards, good lighting. Other strategies include use of flyers, billboards and newspaper publications.





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