How to Start Inverter Manufacturing Business

The job of an inverter is to change direct current DC to alternating current AC. The functionality and power handling depends on the frequency, design circuit output/input voltage.
On its own does not produce power and relies on the power supplied by a direct current source. The composition consist of an electrical circuit, mechanical or rotary apparatus. There are also some inverters that are static without the application of moving effects.
A power inverter device requires a stable DC power source. However the input depends entirely on the purpose or design. Electric vehicles require 300-450 V DC, Solar panels 200to 400 V DC while home energy requires24, 36 or 48 V DC.
The output waveform could be sine wave, modified sine wage or square wave. A small business owner interested in investing in inverter manufacturing is bound to make money. The assembling and manufacturing process is simple and the space requirement is minimal.
sine wave inverter
sine wave inverter
The inverter works alongside batteries for power. To prolong the run time there are 2 basic installation options. You have the parallel configuration or series configuration. The series configuration is meant to increase voltage while the parallel configuration is to prolong run time and increase capacity.
Installation options
·         Series configuration
·         Parallel configuration
Uses of inverters
The technology can be incorporated into an electroshock weapon. Other applications include HVDC transmitter, induction heating or a solar inverter. Others uses are grid- tied inverters designed to feed electric power distribution.
You find them in refrigeration compressors and electric motor speed control. However the most popular use especially in third world countries is to supply AC power for uninterrupted power supply.
·              incorporated into an electroshock weapon
·             HVDC transmitter
·             induction heating
·            solar inverter
·            grid- tied inverters
·            refrigeration compressors
·            electric motor speed control
·            AC power for uninterrupted power supply.
electric car
electric car
The Economic importance of Inverters
The ability to convert DC electric from batteries, fuel cell to electricity is the main attraction. This enables easy operation of AC equipment. The economic importance of inverters is based on the application.
They provide uninterrupted power supply to complement current from the grid. The inverter is used alongside batteries to supply AC power. Once the main power is restored the rectifier supplies DC power to recharge the batteries.
Business License
To operate a manufacturing company you need a business license. Secure a trade license from the municipal authorities, value added tax registration and trademark registration. You need a business license from ROC, factory license, anti pollution provisions.
1business license
2 trade license from the municipal authorities
3 value added tax registration
4 trademark registration
5 factory license
6 anti pollution provisions
Inverter Manufacturing Raw Materials
A huge amount of raw materials goes into the manufacturing of inverters. Components you need are switches, diodes, resistors, capacitors. You need heat sink, S.C.R, LED, ICS. More include sockets, PCB, lug, relays, auto wires, wire, and sleeves.
Others are fuse holder, mains lead, tapes copper wire, pre-set. Purchase sleeves plastic formers, coir, hardware fittings, impregnated compound varnish and P.F, Fuse holder.
Raw Materials
1 Switch
2 diodes
3 resistors
4 capacitors
5 mosfet
6 a heat sink
7 S.C.R
10 sockets
11 PCB
12 plug
13 relays
14 auto wires
15 wire
16 sleeves
17 fuse holder
18 mains lead
19 tapes
20 copper wire
21 pre-set
22 plastic formers
23 hardware fittings
24 impregnated compound
25 varnish
26 P.F
27 Fuse holder.
light bulb
Inverter Manufacturing Machinery
There is a few machinery or equipment you need. Buy a frequency counter, multi-meter, winding machine, coil winding machine. You need LCR Bridge (digital), Flow soldering machine; true RMS meters (4 digits).
More equipment is Ocilla scope dual trace 10 MHz, surface mounting equipment. You have the line frequency monitor, power analyzer, megger, testing equipment, HV tester, Rheostats and drummer stat 4to 8 Amps.
manufacturing Equipment
1 frequency counter
2 multi-meter
3 winding machine
4 coil winding machine
5 LCR Bridge(digital)
6 Flow soldering machine
7 true RMS meters (4 digits)
8 Ocilla scope dual trace 10 MHz
9 surface mounting equipment
10 line frequency monitor
11 power analyzer
12 megger
13 testing equipment
14 HV tester
15 Rheostats, drummer stat 4Amps to 8 Amps.
Manufacturing Process
The manufacturing process starts with the procurement of special transformers. Then you test critical components. The components are fixed, soldered on printed circuit boards.
However, the controls and sockets are assembled individually. The transformers are introduced and interconnection made. Check the power and output voltage and make adjustment. Then perform a series of quality control measures.
How to Assemble an Inverter
1Different components are assembled on printed circuit board based on design
2 The power, output voltage and wave forms are checked
3 The necessary adjustments are made
4. The chassis is enclosed in a cabinet, and connections completed.
5. Inverters of different capacity are made with input voltage 12V, 24V DC and output 230 V AC
Marketing Potential
A manufacturer should focus on countries with power generation and distribution challenges. Despite the huge improvement in power generation in a country like Nigeria citizens still experience over 14 hours blackout. The demand is huge considering the over 150 million people in the country.
Common applications are found in Automated Teller Machines, banks, home use, and hospitals. The need for a stable source of electricity has driven the market.
In India the market is huge however investors would have to compete with established brands. The investor could launch a marketing campaign through electronic and print media.
Use television advertisement, discounts and proper pricing to attract patronage. You need good wholesalers and distributors to help push the brand.
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