How to Start Razor Blade Manufacturing Business

Facial hair is generally removed by aid of a razor blade. The shaving tool is perfect for removing beard, mustaches, leg hairs and body hair.
There are different types of razor categorized into electric or straight. The straight is operated through manual action while electric razors are powered by current.
The usage of sharp implements to cut hair dates back to the Bronze Age. Ancient tools include clam shells, copper razors, and sharpened flint. An investor looking to enter the blade industry needs startup capital. They need an operational factory, equipment, licensing and knowledge of the production process.
Different Types of Razor Blade
There are 4 major types of razor blades. We have the electric razor, cartridge, safety and straight razor. More are the removable blade razor, safety razor, disposable safety razor.
The modern straight blade has hollow ground blades and decorative handles. They have different features, preference settings, functionality and durability. Some are particularly made for certain skin types or hair.
The safety razor was first invented in 1762 by jean-Jacque Perret. It had a wooden sleeve and a straight blade. Later on the design evolved into a small blade sold by the Kampfe Brothers. In the straight razor family you have the removable blade razor, disposable.
Types of blade razor
·  removable blade razor
·  safety razor
·  disposable safety razor
·  modern straight blade
·  cartridge razor

Disposable safety razor
The disposable one resembles cartridge razors and is made with lightweight inexpensive material. The product is commonly produced through the injection mold process. They are disposable and does not accommodate sharpening or replacement.
Cartridge razor
A more modern and commonly used blade is the exchangeable cartridge. The design emanated in 1960 and involves a pivoted head that helps align the blade with the skin. Similar to double edge the entire head is assembled, removable and disposable. The product comes with multiple razor blades set.
Disposable blade straight razors
The straight razor comprises open steel blades sharpened on one edge. The razor is made with high carbon steel or stainless steel.
It has rotating blades on a pin between scales. To protect the user or prevent damage it folds into the scales. The handle scales are made of different materials based on the manufacturers design. We have handles made from wood, ivory, bone, plastic celluloid.
Removable blade razor
This is a basic razor first invented in 1880. The product has a handle with a head that accommodates replacement of the blade. The design has a comb pattern on the head to prevent cuts and bruises during use. A new improvement to the design now has a safety bar instead of the comb like ridges.
We also have double or single edge products. The double edge has a slant bar with two open edges and either side can be used while the single has only a long straight razor edge. An innovative design that allows different blades to fit is the multi faced central channel.
How to Start Shaving Blade Manufacturing Business
Razor Manufacturing Process
The technology depends on the type of razor you want to make. The razor manufacturing process starts with the press then the thermal process. It then goes for blade edging, polishing, quality control and inspection.
The process continues with coating, burning before the plastic molding. The head is then assembled, and then the handle is assembled. It goes through another inspection before packaging and competition.
Manufacturing process: mixing and melting of components. The steel heated then quenched in a steel hardening process called annealing. The blades are die- stamped to form cutting edge shape.
The support structure of the small blade is achieved by passing a steel sheet through a die cutter. The component is made into an L shape with two edge runners. The various support components are then assembled and welded onto the cutting blade.
The plastic component starts with a resin mixture cut into pellets and molded. The plastic goes through molding and assembling. The packaging involves clear plastic wrapping or boxes. The finished product goes through a series of quality control and standardization methods.
Blanking- degreasing-hardening-grinding-sputtering-coating
The Process
·  steel hardened
·  blades die stamped
·  polishing
·  components are made
·  handle made
·  assembled
·  quality control
·  packaging
Raw Materials
One of the main components is the razor blade. It is made from special corrosion resistant steel alloy. The plastic parts comprise the blade cartridge, handle. The plastic resins are used in pellet form, melted, molded into razor components.
1. Carbide steel
2. Plastic resin
3. Polystyrene
4. Elastomeric compounds
5. Polypropylene
Register the business as a limited liability company. You need EID number and liability insurance. Brand the product and find out if value added tax is applicable in your demography. You need a manufacturers operation license from your state include safety and waste control measures.
Try to find a good location for the company. The location should have factory space including a large warehouse. Other requirements are loading area, utilities like electricity and good road network.
Locate the business close to source of raw materials or market base. Make sure you hire appropriate staff such as drivers, machine operators, and casual staff for loading. You need an accountant, plant managers, and administrative staff.
The machinery depends on the type of blade. If you are manufacturing concertina razor blade you need a press for punching strip to form razor blade.
The second machine is an assembling machine, fixing the wire and the punched razor blade. You need a heat unit or furnace, extruder. Others are mold making machine, injector machine, assembling machine.
1. Heat and Quench unit
2. Extrusion
3. Injection
4. Molding machine
5. Assembling plant
6. Packaging
There has been a sharp increase in the demand for razor blades. This is attributed to low cost of production and prices. Other prevailing factors including increase in population, heath and safety issues.
Top countries that produce blades are China, USA, Germany and Japan. While the major companies are Gillette Company, inax corp., Nippon Steel Corporation and Metal Box Company limited.
To succeed you need to create a quality product and brand identity. Use strategic marketing techniques, proper pricing and find distribution channels.
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