How to Create Adsense Account without Website

Did you know that there are different ways to get an adsense account without owning a website? Adsense is one of the most popular ways to make money online. The program offers publishers a way to monetize their content through advertisement.
Launched in 2003 the platform has over 3 million publishers. In European countries and America getting an account is relatively easy. However some geographical locations face a difficult challenge getting approved.
The advertisement network is not a get rich scheme and you need huge traffic to earn good money. The network uses cost per click which means once someone clicks on the advertisement the publisher earns money. The adverts are placed by the publisher on the website or blog.
To secure an account with a website you need proper SEO, quality content. Some countries need to wait for about a year to get approved. Before showing you how to get one you need to understand the type of account offered by goggle. There are two types of accounts, hosted and non hosted account.
Hosted Account
The hosted account is specific to certain platforms like blogger, YouTube or host partners. The owner of a hosted account cannot use the account outside the platform unless it is upgraded to non hosted account.
None Hosted Account
The non hosted account can be used across different online property. The non hosted account owner can use it on different blogs or website. It also works on blogger and other host partners. Now you have a basic understanding of both accounts let’s get into the ways.
google adsense
How to Get Adsense without a Website
The fastest way to get adsense is starting a blog. Technically a blog is different from a website and could be personal or public. The blogger platform is free and you don’t need a domain name or host plan.
Google owns blogger and the blogs on that platform are optimized for adsense. To create a blog sign into an account and choose a sub domain name. All blogs on this platform have sub domain names such as
Once you have the name, publish content, add image and optimize. Make sure the blog has quality content and is easy to navigate. Blogger also provides a selection of free templates.
You need to wait for the blog to mature then apply after a few months. The type of host plan you get is a hosted account.
2. Hubpages
Hubpages is my favorite article mill with thousands of publishers. The site is a revenue sharing site for writers. You can write on any topic of your choice and publish 10 articles before applying.
Without an adsense account you can withdraw your earnings on Hubpages. They also have different monetization methods such as Hubpages ad program and Amazon. The type of account you get is a hosted account.
3. YouTube
You don’t need a website to monetize a YouTube channel. However the channel needs at least 10,000 views to qualify for the ad program.
Once your YouTube channel is enabled for monetization you then apply for the account. You can’t earn money on this video sharing platform until you get approved. It can take from one week to a month before approval.
4. Build an Application
Another way to get the account is to build an application. Makes sure you develop a quality application that would qualify for AdMob. The type of account you get is adsense for Apps.
Those are the only way to get an account without owning a website. You can later decide to upgrade to non host however the process is challenging.