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How to Start Granite Tiles Production Company

The real estate sector is a gold mine for building material investors. Fitting account for 60% of capital invested in an architectural project. Granite is one of such materials that is highly sort in the building industry.
To start the business you need adequate funding, qualified staff, and operational license. Others are trade knowledge including good source of raw materials.
How to Start Granite Tile Manufacturing Business
Write a Business Plan
Write a granite tile business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The plan should focus on sourcing raw materials, equipment and labor. Find the ideal location, company incorporation, including number of staff.
Study your Competitors
To compete with established brands you need to study your competition. Learn their prices, products, and marketing techniques.
Learn the Trade
If you want to manufacture granite tiles you need to learn the trade. Learn through practical experience, vocational training or apprentice program. Read books, try internship, use online resources.
  • practical experience
  • vocational training
  • apprentice program
  • read books
  • internship
  • online resources
Fund the enterprise through bank loans. Seek long term loans with low interest rates. To get a loan you need to open an account in the bank. The bankers will study your credit ratings and request a deposit of 25% percent of the loan.
Incorporate the Business
Incorporate the business at the corporate affairs commission as Limited Liability Company. Then get tax identification number, liability insurance.
The location should accommodate heavy loads and storage facility. Make sure it is located close to source of raw material to reduce transportation costs. Locate the business in a commercial area far from residential homes.
Hire qualified Staff
The production process requires some technical knowledge. Therefore hire experienced staff with knowledge of the manufacturing process. Other staffs are drivers, accountant, secretary and manager.
Sourcing Raw Materials
There are many quarries to source granite material. However the prices differ slightly based on different factors. Conduct a thorough search for best deals in your locality. You should also consider transportation costs and the quality of the material
There are many granite tiles manufacturers in Nigeria. However the quality of the product and branding differentiates them. The craftsmanship of the final product adds to the value and price of the tiles.
Reach your customers through advertisement publications in newspapers or construction magazines. Use television advertisement, social media and web ads.
Build a Website
Build a website to highlight your products and services. Add images of the product, description plus telephone number. You can build the website yourself or hire  web designer.

Start a Night Club Business

Although the night club business is very lucrative it is also high risk. The night life attracts different elements, people and lifestyle. You accommodate unsavory characters and the police authority.
The business has a very short lifespan and most clubs go out of business within five years. This is because of new trends and the need for patrons to experience new things.  
The business caters to young adults, tourists and professional in different fields. To establish a club you need huge capital, security and popular location. Others are good management team, marketing and reliable staff.
The business is tough and not for the fainthearted. If you thing you have what it takes here are a few suggestions.
How to Start a Night Club Business
Why Start a Night Club
In Africa there is huge migration to urban cities because of unemployment. There is also the lack of job opportunities in the villages.
Nigeria has a large population of young adults accounting for over 50% of the population. This demography is the labor force of the economy and financially buoyant.
They also need recreational fun activities to unwind after a hard days work. This is where the night club comes into the picture.  Successful night clubs are veritable money making machine.
  • Make lots of money
  • large population of young adults
  • recreational fun activities
You need a Clear Business Concept
To run a night club you need a clear business concept. All clubs a conceptualized in certain ways. They focus on type of clientele, services, dress code and prices. The location could determine the type of club and clientele.
Business Concept
  • Theme
  • type of clientele
  • services
  • dress code
  • prices
  • location
How Night Clubs Make Money
 Night club makes money form admission fees, membership fees and exclusivity fees. They earn from selling hard liquor like Champaign, wine and beer. They also organize special shows events and some have paid chalets.
What you need to start a Night Club
Write Business Plan
Get an expert to write a night club business plan. This is important because of the different aspects of the business. Make sure the plan covers every angle from financing, management, supplies, location and staffing.
  • Financing
  • Management
  • Supplies
  • Location
  • staffing
The location
The location could make or break the club. It should be in a popular area with lots of human traffic.
The location could be high-end, middle class or local population. The location invariable determines the clientele you want to attract. Bad locations are residential areas, religious establishments or beside a shopping mall.
Stock a verity of Drinks
To run a night club you need to stock different drinks. The more drink choices the higher your profit margin. You can stock both cheap and expensive drinks depending on your business strategy.
Try to stock only popular brands that are trending in your demography. The price of the drinks is determined by your business strategy. Avoid over pricing the drinks to remain competitive.
Provide Entertainment
Club patrons are looking for entertainment. You can hire popular DJs, television personalities or musical artists. Use comedians, live bands and organize performances. You can add games such as snooker, pinball, video games and darts.
Night Club Entertainment
  • Live music
  • Drinks
  • hire popular DJs
  • television personalities
  • musical artists
  • comedians
  • live bands
  • organize performances
  • snooker
  • pinball
  • video games
  • darts
Interior and Exterior Decoration
Night clubs are differentiated by the interior and exterior decorations. The decorations include lighting, mirrors, images and woodwork.
Others include dance hall, seating arrangement and sound system. You need to hire an expert in night club interiors to create the ambiance you want.
Clubbers carve new experiences so regularly update your interior to create different themes. Make sure the layout can accommodate the maximum number of people per square inch.
Hire good Management Team
The management of a night club requires close attention to detail. It also involves good accountability and financial management. The business is capital intensive and you need lots of working capital.
What differentiates most night clubs is the service. Offer your patron’s exceptional service and quality food. You can give free appetizers or added values services.
Safety and Health
There are some safety and health issues in night club business. The safety issues are fire and security related for clubbers.
Hire bouncers, security guards get police protection. Yu need security for the packed vehicles and staff. There are also state guidelines on health and first aid.
Offer Discounts
Offer your customers discounts and promotional prices. This will bring in much needed crowd. You can have 'buy two get one free' or free ladies night.
Promote the Club
Focus your promotions on the type of clientele you need. Use radio and television advertisement to create public awareness. Other ways are through social media channels, posters, banners and billboards. Try to distribute flyers and organize periodical shows.

How to Become an Aerobic Instructor

There are different ways to become an aerobics instructor. You need certification, work experience, training. Other requirements include fitness training, technical workshops, and seminars.
An instructor could teach private, public schools or individual clients. The person could open a fitness studio, work part time or full time.
Opening a fitness studio comes with its own set of challenges such as finance, good location, equipment and licensing. Another way to get into the business is to work for a fitness studio. Here are some ideas on how to become an aerobics instructor.
 Aerobic Instructor
Learn the Trade
To join the industry you need to get formal training. You need higher school diploma or bachelors degree. The courses of study are physical education, fitness training.
Others include kinesiology, exercise science and aerobics. The basic requires to become an instructor is high school diploma. You can take associate degree programs on nutrition, anatomy, physiology.
Other course of study are business management, accounting. Obtaining a bachelors degree in related fields will offer job advancement opportunities. It is essential the individual has good physical fitness and regular exercise practice.
  • higher school diploma
  • bachelors degree
  • associate degree programs
In the United States of America you need certification. Top bodies are the Aerobics and Fitness association and American Council on Exercise. You can also join the International Fitness Professional Association.
Some states, private institutions offer examinations or certifications. There are also fields of study on first aid techniques in case of emergency.
If you wish to open a fitness studio your outfit needs certification. The studio should have safety equipment, insurance cover. The operator should register the business as a limited liability company and have a tax identification number.
Work Experience
It is important to gain work related experience. Secure employment as an instructor in aerobics studio, recreational center or gym. You need good interpersonal skill, basic knowledge of business management and accounting. You can gain experience from seminars, workshops or internship programs.
Things to Consider Before Opening a Studio
To open a studio you need to define a clear picture. Who are your customer’s and what are the cost implications.
First write a studio business plan then carry out a feasibility study. Make sure the plan has an executive summary, future projections and finance information.
Estimate your financial requirements, credit and expected income. Secure funding through personal savings or bank loans.
Other funding sources are through partnership, angel investors or crowdfunding. More considerations are studio demography, operational costs, lease, pre-sales marketing. You need good advertisement plan to attract patronage.
  • write a studio business plan
  • carry out a feasibility study
  • estimate your financial requirements
  • secure funding
  • studio demography
  • lease
  • pre-sales marketing
  • advertisement plan 
  • become dance instructor
To become an aerobic instructor you need formal training and experience. Business owners require additional skill in management and accounting. An instructor could join an established gym or provide private practice.

How to Open a Cinema Hall

The Nigerian movie industry is a huge revenue earner. The average citizen loves both foreign and local productions.
They spend millions of naira each year consuming thousand of films and home videos. An investor can leverage on the popularity to establish a cinema. The business is profitable and moderately competitive.
How to Start a Cinema
There are three ways to start the business. You can buy into an existing on, join a franchise or start from scratch.
Starting from scratch requires huge startup capital for fixed assets. Buying into a cinema could be through private placement, ordinary shares/rights.
The franchise format leverages on an existing brand. The franchisee gets full support from the principle through training and technical support. The benefits of franchising include leveraging on a popular brand and easy access to marketers, producers and distributors.
Write a Business Plan
Write a cinema business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Conduct a survey to understand customer needs and find a good location. The business plan should focus on location, infrastructure, equipment, supply and staffing. You need huge funds to setup a moderate outfit.
The amount of startup depends on many factors. You need money to purchase land, build a structure, install equipment and obtain permits.
You could also rent space in a popular shopping mall and establish a small entertainment center. To get funds approach a commercial or merchant bank for loans.
Make sure the loan is long termed with low interest rate. You could also approach venture capitalists, find a core investor or try franchising.
The location is very important to the success of the enterprise. Find a location in a popular area with heavy human or vehicular traffic. The location would impact on the amount you charge per ticket. Make sure it is easily accessible, attractive and secure.
Learn the Trade
To successfully run a cinema you need job experience. Learn through formal training, workshops and seminars.
Hire an expert in the trade for coaching and recommendations. You can seek employment in a cinema to learn the trade. Other ways are through online courses, books and video tutorials.
  • job experience
  • formal training
  • workshops
  • seminars
  • coaching
  • online courses
  • books
  • video tutorials
Register the Company
To become a limited liability company you need registration. Go to the Corporate Affairs Commission and register the business.
The next step is to apply for get a permit from the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board. The NFVCB have the statutory duty to regulate the Nigerian movie industry. You need liability insurance cover and tax identification number (TIN).
To show foreign films there are strict provisions to follow. There are also contractual agreements with local movie producers. You need full compliance with copyright provisions on public screening of movies.
  • Register as limited liability company
  • permit from the Nigerian Film and Video Censors Board
  • liability insurance cover
  • tax identification number (TIN)
  • contractual agreements
  • full compliance with copyright laws
Sell Snacks
As an entertainment center, leisure activities are usually accompanied by food. Sell a verity of snacks to your audience.
Setup a snack stand and sell meat pie, popcorn, cakes and sausage. Add an assortment of soft drinks, carbonated water, fruit juice and ice creams.
The snack section only requires a small oven at the back office, high chairs, sales stand and display boxes. The area should encourage temporary lounging between film presentations.
Buy Cinema Equipment
The quality of the equipment is very important. You need state of the art sound system, lightening, projectors and screen. Make sure the screening room is comfortable and secure. Provide adequate entry/exit points including fire safety equipment.
  • sound system
  • lightening
  • projectors
  • screen
  • chairs
Employee Staff
You need staff to operate the key areas of the entertainment center. Common staffs are snack bar attendant, sales, manager, accountant and cleaners.
Others are projector operator, sound supervisor and security guards. Offer your staff periodical retraining for better efficiency.
Network with Distributors and Producers
You need to network with film producers and distributors. Make sure the films you stock are highest quality productions.
There are many top distributor channels for both foreign and local films. Insist on high definition picture and good sound quality. Before you can show any film there are copyright laws and contractual agreements with film producers. 
Pricing and Earnings
The cinema predominantly makes money from snacks and ticket sales. The amount of ticket sales depends on the popularity of the film and audience.
The producers usually earn a predetermined percentage of your ticket sales for the viewing. The percentage is determined based on the number of times the film is shown, number of audience and other parameters. 
Producer can make good money from a popular presentation. What directly impacts on earnings are location, cinema crowd and price of the ticket.
The price of a ticket in Nigeria ranges from N500 to N2000 per film. Supplementary income is made from the sale of popcorn and snacks. Cinema business is highly lucrative and the operator can make millions of naira annually.
To attract patronage you need to have a good marketing strategy. Advertise in local newspapers, entertainment magazines and popular blogs.
Use social media marketing, television advertisement and radio. Print flyers, posters, banners and billboards. Offer regulars, discounts, free tickets and promotional. Feature blockbusters and popular films to attract patronage.
Career choice in the Nigerian movie industry