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Start a Roofing Material Manufacturing Business

To start a roofing materials manufacturing company you need appropriate equipment. The business requires funds for machinery, warehouse, labor, operation license.
The business is very lucrative because the materials are in high demand. The construction industry is a trillion dollar sector. To succeed you need to focus on a niche like fabrication of roofing sheets.

Things to Consider
         Business plan
         Company registration
         Rent a workshop
         Hire experienced machine operator
         register distributors
Write a Business Plan
Write a roofing manufacturing business plan. The carry out a feasibility study and survey. Register the as a limited liability company, get insurance.
Secure funding through commercial bank loans or save. Rent a workshop, buy equipment and Hire experienced machine operator. To sell the products register distributors and use effective marketing strategy.
Types of Roofing Sheets
There are different types of roofing sheets to consider. You have the corrugated zinc roofing sheets, aluzinc sheets. Others are Slate roofing, Tile roofing, wood shake shingles, flat, thermo plastic and green roofs.
         corrugated zinc roof
         aluzinc sheets
         Slate roofing
         Tile roofing
         Wood shake shingles
         Thermo plastic
         Green roof.
Aluminum roofing Sheet Manufacturing Machine
The equipment you need to manufacture aluminum sheet is the sheet former. The aluminum roof cladding sheet roll machine is used to make metallic roofing panels. For best results you need an advanced metal roll former.
The equipment should have the capacity to produce both wall sheets and roof sheets at high speed. This would effectively save production time, labor requirements and cost of production. Make sure the corrugated roof roll forming machine has a cutter and hydraulic system.
Other specification are rollforming functions, sheet guiding equipment. It should feature a support table, decoiler and control system. Make sure the specifications involves energy saving, high efficiency rollformer sheet functions.
Look for equipment with low sound emission, ease of operation and spare parts. Make sure it has stable transition and branded.
Functions of aluminum roof cladding sheet roll machine
         make metallic roofing panels
         produce both wall sheets
         high speed
         save production time
         low labor requirements
         reduce cost of production
         hydraulic system
         rollforming functionality
         sheet guiding equipment
         support table
         control system
         low sound emission
         ease of operation
         spare parts
         stable transition
Main Parameters
The efficiency and functionality depends on the machinery. It should have a hydraulic decoiler 2.2kw, controlling system. The main machine power should be about 4kw, working speed of 19 to 20m/min.
Power outputs depends on your requirements such as 50HZ/3ph/360V. Main specifications include manufacturing of pre-painted/simple galvanized steel, aluminum sheets in COILS –AA5005 & 3003, and galvanized sheets in COILS –jls G3312.List of roof building materials.
Types of Aluminum Roofing Sheet
         Simple galvanized steel
         Aluminum sheets in COILS –AA5005 & 3003
         Galvanized sheets in COILS –jls G3312
Cost of Metal Roofing Sheet Machine
China ia a major destination of metal roofing machinery. Yu can order the equipment online or visit the company. The cost of one unit of metal roofing sheet machine is from US $2000 to $25, 000

How to Start a Phenyl Making Business

A good industry to consider in business is the detergent, soap or cleaning agent industry. You can go into retail, wholesale or manufacturing. The manufacturing sector is very lucrative but challenging. This is because you face lots of stiff competition from established brands.
There are a number of small manufacturers into liquid phenyl production. This is because the product is easy to make and profitable. You stand to make 150% of your initial investment.
Liquid phenyl is a highly effective deodorizer and disinfectant. It easily destroys harmful germs on dirty surfaces.
washing toilet
Types of House Cleaning Phenyl
There are different types of house cleaning phenyl. The disinfectant which is an emulsion of creosote oil, soap and water has the brown, black and white verity. A manufacturer can produce either the white one or a concentrated one.
Phenyl's Active Agents
The product has multipurpose action and a pleasant smell. It is a good insect repellent and deodorizes dirty surfaces. It acts as an air purifier and highly effective sanitizer.
concentrated white phenyl
Uses of Phenyl
Phenyl is a good cleaning and disinfecting agent. Common applications include cleaning of toilets, dispensaries, hospitals, hotels. School authorities use it in dormitories, offices or restaurants. It is highly soluble in water, easy to use.
 Where it is used
·           Public/private toilets
·           Dispensaries
·           Hospitals
·           Hotels
·           School
·           Dormitories
·           Offices
·           Restaurants
Legal Requirements
There is high demand and competition for cleaning agents in India. The product should kill most bacteria, hand safe and effective. The drug and cosmetic act 1940 and rule 1945 regulated cosmetic, soaps and cleaning agents.
Any cosmetic that is sprayed, rubbed, poured or sprinkle fall under this act. The drug and cosmetic act also covers manufacturing process such as labeling, packaging, and ornamenting. Others include altering, treating or manufacturing the product.
To venture into the liquid sanitizer business you need to fulfill certain provisions. Legal requirements are company registration and trade license. Others include business name, a state drug and cosmetic certification. The product attracts value added tax, insurance and manufacturing license.
How to Apply For a License
The state drug authorities regulate the licensing of local manufacturers of the product. First apply for a manufacturing license and pay the stipulated fee. The next step is to specify the cosmetic and class.
A basic knowledge of chemistry or diploma in related field would improve your chances of obtaining a license. You need to mention list of equipment and showcase technical proficiency.
The branding is also considered and confirm true and accurate. The license when granted has a term duration and requires renewal. The authority would conduct an inspection of your facility before granting manufacturing license.
They would look at type of equipment, location, the building and surrounding area. They would look at the safety precautions, waste disposal system, health and sanitation of factory workers.
1.     Company registration 
2.     Trade license
3.     Business name
4.     State Drug and Cosmetic License
5.     Value added tax
6.     Consent to establish is recommended from the pollution control board
7.    Insurance
8.    Liquid phenyl certification from the drug control
9.     Manufacturing license.
Raw Materials for Liquid Phenyl Production
The raw materials to produce liquid phenyl are easily sourced in the open market.  For produce cost effectively you need to purchase the chemicals in bulk. The materials used in phenyl production are pine oil, carbonic acid perfume, caster oil. Others are monochloro phenyl, creosote oil.
Once the chemical is produced you need plastic bottles with tamper proof caps. The bottles should be labeled appropriately showing date of manufacture, expiring date. Other requirements are address of company, Drug and Cosmetic registration number and batch number.
Raw materials
·           Pine oil
·           Carbonic acid perfume
·           Caster oil
·           Mono-chloro phenyl
·          Creosote oil
·           Plastic bottles
Marketing Phenyl
There are lots of marketing opportunities for manufacturers of the product. The product is used in hotels, private homes and restaurants. Other industries that use the product are hospitals, healthcare centers and maternity clinics.
There is high demand for the product both in urban and rural areas. Other factor that has contributed to the increase in demand is the population explosion in many countries.
Marketing opportunities
1)      Hotels
2)      Private homes
3)      Restaurants
4)      Public areas
5)      Hospitals
6)      Healthcare centers
7)     Maternity clinics.
There is high demand for the product both in urban and rural areas. Other factor that has contributed to the increase in demand is the population explosion in many countries.
Funding the Business
The amount of startup funding required depends on the size of the company, production, location, workforce and equipment. Large scale production and automation would require huge capital investment.
A manufacturer can approach a trade and commerce financial institution for long term loans. The type of loan should have low interest and tenor based.
You need adequate collateral, guarantors, startup capital and the company’s memorandum and article of association. Other funding sources include target savings, sale of startup equity, core or angel investors. You could try sourcing funds through crowd funding.
Liquid Phenyl Manufacturing Equipment
To produce liquid phenyl small or large scale you need equipment. The production output also dictates the type of equipment you need. The equipment could be locally fabricated or imported. Other considerations are if the machinery is manual, semi-automated or fully automated.
Once you have a warehouse and proper utilities like water and electricity then you can install the equipment. The equipment you need is liquid filling machine, cap sealing machine, storage vessels. Others include planetary mixer, MS tank and furnace. You also need a measuring equipment or scale.
how to start inverter manufacturing 
Phenyl Making Machinery
·            Liquid   filling machine
·           Cap sealing machine
·           Storage vessels
·           Planetary mixer
·           MS tank
·           Furnace
·           Measuring equipment or scale
Black Phenyl Raw Materials
To make the product you need caustic, rosin. Other chemicals in the composition are mono chloro phen (mcp), creosote.
Raw materials
1 creosote oil
2 mcp [Mono Chloro Phenol]
3 caustic
4 rosin
White Phenyl Manufacturing Process
The cold press process requires 300ml emulsifier QP-95, 750 ml Pine Oil. Other ingredients are 1.5 liter Water. The process involves pouring QP-95 into a vessel and adding pine oil. Pour slowly and stir accordingly.
The resultant compound should produce a clear transparent liquid. If the liquid is not clear add some more QP-95. While stirring the QP-95 and Pine Oil mix add 15 liters of water. Add the water slowly and maintain the siring at a constant rate for a minimum of 1 hour. Your final product should produce a milky white phenyl cleaning agent.
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How to get Exide Battery Dealership

Lead acid batteries are referred to as Exide. The batteries are common in automobile, generating sets and industrial applications.
Two major players in Exide battery manufacture are Exide Technology and Exide Industries. Exide Industries is an Indian based company while Exide Technology is an American company.
The business is slightly challenging and capital intensive. However there is a huge market for battery products.
Exide distributorship business is lucrative and operators earn huge income. To start a distributorship business you are required to have a partnership agreement, large storage facility, heavy-duty vehicle and company registration.
battery battery
Markets that use Exide products
Exide battery products are popular in the transportation industry. Common markets include hybrid vehicles, rail transportation, forklift trucks, automobiles, commercial vehicles and heavy duty trucks.
Other markets for the product are power generating plants, solar storage units, electric utilities and telecommunication systems.
Batteries have been developed for tropical conditions and European climates. More development includes submarine batteries, motorbike, poly-ethylene separators, golf carts and valve regulated lead acid batteries.
Electric vehicles also use high energy density batteries.
Exide Battery Markets
  • Rail transportation
  • Forklift trucks
  • Commercial vehicles
  • Automobiles
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Farming equipment
  • Power generating equipment
  • Solar units
  • Telecommunication system
  • Motorcycles
  • Submarines
  • Golf carts
  • Electric vehicles
  • Power stations
Brands of Exide Batteries
There are many brands of Exide batteries for distributors. Some of the popular ones are Boss, Champion, Little Champ and Conrex.
Others are Jupiter, SF Sonic, Dynex, Index and Chloride. A distributor should focus on popular brands in your locality. This is because customers prefer products with history of performance.
Brands of Exide Batteries
  • Boss
  • Champion
  • Little Champ
  • Conrex
  • Jupiter
  • SF Sonic
  • Dynex
  • Index
  • Chloride
Things to Consider Before Buying a Battery
There are a few things to consider before choosing a battery. Study the batteries design and plastic components.
Determine the type of rubber components such as hard or soft rubber. The manufacturer should include manufactured date, expiration date, battery test and quality assurance.
How to get Exide battery Dealership
Exide battery supplier’s main product is the lead-acid batteries. The batteries are used for transport applications and automobile sector. You can secure a dealership deal by approaching a manufacturer or larger supplier in your country or abroad.
Find companies that offer extensive support for partners to enable success of your enterprise. To become an Exide accredited dealer complete an account application or phone the company directly.
If there is a local representative of the brand of Exide battery you prefer they will arrange a meeting. Alternately find a new brand not represented in your country and talk to the manufacturers. The challenge with this arrangement is securing the sole distributorship rights.
Write a Business Plan
Write an Exide Battery distributorship business plan. The plan should focus on securing distributorship deals with manufacturers or subsidiaries.
Determine the model of battery and product branding. Large Exide manufacturers have already spent huge amounts on product branding so marketing concerns should be geared toward end users.
Your business plan should include business structure, funding sources, management team, future goals, and profit/loss.
Carry out a Feasibility Study
The feasibility study should focus on competitors and popular brands in your area. What are your competitors doing and which brand of Exide do they prefer.
This would provide a template on how to proceed. You need a good location close to your target customers.
Battery distributorship business is capital intensive. This is because of the huge amount spent on procuring the batteries.
You also need a store front and ample storage facility. Other requirements are heavy duty vehicle to move the merchandize.
Approach any commercial bank in your area and secure bank loans. You are required to provide collateral, business plan and some capital. Other ways to source funds are through partnership, target savings or private investors.
Locating the Business
Locate your distributorship business close to your target market. Your target markets include automobile transport companies and government armed forces.
Make sure you rent a lager store capable of accommodating your stock. The store should have an administrative building and storage facility. The store should be easily accessible to vehicles and visible to general public.
There are some environmental issues for battery storage. Find out the state or governments requirements in your area.
You need permit to store battery and a good waste disposal strategy. Register the business as a limited liability company and get liability insurance.
You need a tax identification number and value added tax for sales. To sell or distribute the products you need a trade license. There are some fire safety protocols associated too battery business.
Most top brands provide adequate marketing support for distributors. Battery distributors only need to attract local markets and secure contracts.
Use traditional advertisement such as flyers, billboards, business cards and sign boards to attract patronage.
Build a Website
Building a website is a good ideal and a sales outlet that never sleeps. Add all your products services and prices for customers to see.
Offer shipment discounts for mass purchases. Find automobile forums, auto websites and introduce your company.
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How to Start a Botox Business

The Botox business is very lucrative and there is a huge market. The popularity increased with television programs on such cosmetic procedures.
The United States of America and UK are top destination for the treatment. The business is gaining ground in Asia, India and Africa.
To start you need a medical professional license and practical training. Startup is low however recurrent expenditure on supplies high. Here are some ideas on how to launch your Botox business
Tips to Starting Your Botox Business
1. Incorporate
The first step is to incorporate the business. Register the business as a limited liability company then get insurance cover and personal tax identification number.
You need to open a bank account for the business separate from your personal account. Make sure you are able to receive check, cash or direct deposit.
2. Purchase Equipment
The equipment’s are alcohol hand sterilizer, ultra dermal filler syringes and light weight mirror. Other equipment includes absorbent swabs, alcohol pre injection swabs and laptop.
You need insulin needles, cooler bag, pliers of open botulinum toxin vials. More are clinic waste plastic bags, sharp containers, box of gloves, stationery.
  • alcohol hand sterilizer
  • ultra dermal filler syringes
  • light weight mirror
  • absorbent swabs
  • alcohol pre injection swabs
  • laptop
  • insulin needles
  • cooler bag
  • toxin vials
  • clinic waste plastic bags
  • sharp containers
  • box of gloves
  • stationery

3. Supplies
Find a trust worthy contractor to supply the dermal fillers and disposable equipment. The supplier should be certified by the state and federal authorities.
Look for one that offers competitive prices, good logistics loyalty and good supply capacity. They should be result oriented and stock quality tested products.
4. Prepare the Patient Admin
You need to set up your patient admin and provide consultation room. Make sure your clinical records, consent form is ready. Computerize the data including patient appointment and inventory.
5. Education
You need education to start in the Botox business. A doctorate degree is a good stating point.
To establish a beauty or cosmetic business you can gain knowledge by working with a local beautician. You need clinical experience, basic business background and experience.
There are a range of aesthetic courses online such as foundation Botox and dermal fillers course. You get the basic knowledge on how to apply cosmetic injection, fillers and lip enhancement.
Medical professionals perfect for the job include dentist, general practitioners and registered nurses. Others include pharmacist, medical school graduates.
  • a doctorate degree
  • clinical experience
  • basic business background
  • aesthetic courses on foundation Botox and dermal fillers
Medical Professionals
  • dentist
  • general practitioners
  • registered nurses
  • pharmacist
  • medical school graduates
6. Pricing
Offer quality service and moderate prices. Study your competitors pricing system and provide value for money. Avoid offering cheap services and focus more on value.
8. Funding
The amount of money you need depends on the size and scope of your business. Things that add to costs are location, equipment, utility bills and insurance. You can start small and re-capitalize as business grows.
9. Advertise the Botox Business
You need effective marketing to reach prospective clients. Use social media, 3rd party platforms and build a website.
Make sure you optimize post by adding alter text, images and quality content. Focus on the target market, age group and demography.
To drive traffic to your website include signature on social links. Then develop a marketing plan, hire SEO service providers and use social advertisement. You can advertise your salon in newspapers, television or radio. Print flyers, posters, stickers, business cards and banners.