Start a Roofing Material Manufacturing Business

To start a roofing materials manufacturing company you need appropriate equipment. The business requires funds for machinery, warehouse, labor, operation license.
The business is very lucrative because the materials are in high demand. The construction industry is a trillion dollar sector. To succeed you need to focus on a niche like fabrication of roofing sheets.

Things to Consider
         Business plan
         Company registration
         Rent a workshop
         Hire experienced machine operator
         register distributors
Write a Business Plan
Write a roofing manufacturing business plan. The carry out a feasibility study and survey. Register the as a limited liability company, get insurance.
Secure funding through commercial bank loans or save. Rent a workshop, buy equipment and Hire experienced machine operator. To sell the products register distributors and use effective marketing strategy.
Types of Roofing Sheets
There are different types of roofing sheets to consider. You have the corrugated zinc roofing sheets, aluzinc sheets. Others are Slate roofing, Tile roofing, wood shake shingles, flat, thermo plastic and green roofs.
         corrugated zinc roof
         aluzinc sheets
         Slate roofing
         Tile roofing
         Wood shake shingles
         Thermo plastic
         Green roof.
Aluminum roofing Sheet Manufacturing Machine
The equipment you need to manufacture aluminum sheet is the sheet former. The aluminum roof cladding sheet roll machine is used to make metallic roofing panels. For best results you need an advanced metal roll former.
The equipment should have the capacity to produce both wall sheets and roof sheets at high speed. This would effectively save production time, labor requirements and cost of production. Make sure the corrugated roof roll forming machine has a cutter and hydraulic system.
Other specification are rollforming functions, sheet guiding equipment. It should feature a support table, decoiler and control system. Make sure the specifications involves energy saving, high efficiency rollformer sheet functions.
Look for equipment with low sound emission, ease of operation and spare parts. Make sure it has stable transition and branded.
Functions of aluminum roof cladding sheet roll machine
         make metallic roofing panels
         produce both wall sheets
         high speed
         save production time
         low labor requirements
         reduce cost of production
         hydraulic system
         rollforming functionality
         sheet guiding equipment
         support table
         control system
         low sound emission
         ease of operation
         spare parts
         stable transition
Main Parameters
The efficiency and functionality depends on the machinery. It should have a hydraulic decoiler 2.2kw, controlling system. The main machine power should be about 4kw, working speed of 19 to 20m/min.
Power outputs depends on your requirements such as 50HZ/3ph/360V. Main specifications include manufacturing of pre-painted/simple galvanized steel, aluminum sheets in COILS –AA5005 & 3003, and galvanized sheets in COILS –jls G3312.List of roof building materials.
Types of Aluminum Roofing Sheet
         Simple galvanized steel
         Aluminum sheets in COILS –AA5005 & 3003
         Galvanized sheets in COILS –jls G3312
Cost of Metal Roofing Sheet Machine
China ia a major destination of metal roofing machinery. Yu can order the equipment online or visit the company. The cost of one unit of metal roofing sheet machine is from US $2000 to $25, 000


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