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Pet Boutique: How to Start a Pet Boutique Business

Business Outlook
According to pet product manufacturing association there are estimated 80 million cats and 75 million dogs.  The pet business is estimated at $55 billion dollars with pet boutiques gaining a share of the industry.
Things to consider before opening a pet boutique are employee salaries, insurance and rent. Others are funding the business, type of products and services to offer customers. The business is practicable on/offline depending on your business template.
Business Considerations
Considerations include legal fees, registering the business name, insurance and tax. You need quality products and services.
Others are accounting knowledge, interpersonal skill, operational license or permit. Register the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietor.
         Legal fees
         Registering the business name
         Quality products and services
         Accounting knowledge
         Interpersonal skill
         Operational license or permit
Gain Experience
Gain workplace experience or get formal training. Work as an apprentice and Prior employment in related industry is an advantage. A good grasp of retail sales and marketing are important aspects of the business.
         Formal training
         Work as an apprentice
         Prior employment in related industry
         Retail sales knowledge
         Marketing skill
The business is highly competitive with many players. Pet boutique products and services attract premium prices.
To compete favorable your prices should be comparable with those in your locality. Try to study your competitions prices, products and services.
Your target customer base are middle to upper class clients. Advertise the business at high end shops, upscale cloth boutiques, high end venues. Use flyers, posters, billboard, banners, sign board.
Use word of mouth, referrals, email marketing, reciprocal advertising. Other good locations to advertise the business are pet grooming centers, doggie day care, and veterinarian clinics. Add the business to yellow pages, online directories.
         Use flyers
         Sign board
         Use word of mouth
         Email marketing
         Reciprocal advertising
         Choose a unique business name
         Add blog posts to the site
         Add contact address
         Use social media platforms
         Online advertisement
         Advertise in local newspaper
         Organize community activities
         Offer discounts
         Use promotions
Build a Website
Build a website to highlight the business. Choose a unique business name, domain name and good host plan. Add blog posts to the site, contact address, telephone number and products.
Add online shopping including a PayPal payment system or debit card processor. Use social media platforms and online advertisement to drive traffic to the website.
Place advertisement in local newspaper, pet magazines. Organize community activities, offer discounts to regular customers. Use promotions, coupons, newsletters.
The list of pet boutique products is huge. Common products are pet toys, supplies, treats, travel carriers. Others are collars, leashes, pet identification tags, bedding. More are pet clothing, gift baskets, bows, bandanas, hats.
         Pet toys
         Travel carriers
         Pet identification tags
         Pet clothing
         Gift baskets
The choice of location should be close to customer base. Target customers are middle to upper class individuals.
Good locations are highbrow areas, upscale areas and commercial areas. You need a web store to run a home based business. However a retail store offers better opportunities.

How to Start a Mobile Dog Grooming Business

Mobile dog grooming business is very profitable and moderately challenging. To start the business you need experience, quality equipment. Others are mobile vehicle, funding and appropriately priced services.
Things to Consider
Business considerations are legal fees, advertisement fees, licenses and certification. Others are proper accounting, type of vehicle, business registration.
Contact your local government to find out the requirements. You need a vehicle insurance policy and liability insurance.
More considerations are utilities like water, electricity and standby generator. You need grooming equipment and a commercial driving license.
         Legal fees
         Advertisement fees
         Accounting, advertisement
         Type of vehicle
         Business registration
         Vehicle insurance policy
         Liability insurance
         Standby generator
         Grooming equipment
Gain Experience
To grain experience become an apprentice or get formal training. There are a few professional training courses and associations. Attend seminars, workshops, read tutorials, books and web publications.
Gain workplace experience by working with a certified groomer. Knowledge in other disciplines like dog training, pet sitting and animal healthcare is advantageous.
         Become an apprentice
         Get formal training
         Join an associations
         Attend seminars
         Read tutorials
         Web publications
         Gain workplace experience
         Get certified
Cover the vehicle with wraparound advertisement. You need a permit to advertise on the vehicle. On the advert include the company name, logo, location, telephone number.
Print flyers, posters, banners, billboards to reach potential customers. Place your adverts in pet shops, veterinary clinics, pet food stores and animal shelters. Network with pet photographers, doggie daycare centers and dog walkers.
Use newspaper publications, referrals, word of mouth or community based activities. Offer discounts to regular customers, build a website and use social media platform. Use promotions, print newsletters, brochures and use email marketing.
         Vehicle wraparound advertisement
         Print flyers
         Use referrals
         Word of mouth
         Community based activities
         Offer discounts
         Build a website
         Use social media platform
         Use promotions
         Print newsletters
         Use email marketing
The amount of money to charge customers depends on many factors. Factors include breed of dog, type of grooming and type of cut. Other considerations are how long it takes to complete job and location.
More things that affect price are distance, fuel costs and labor. Mobile groomers charge higher than location based groomers. This is because of transportation costs, maintenance of vehicle. They also offer personalized services and convenience.
You need a commercial driver’s license, vehicle particulars and insurance. You need advertisement permit, business license and vehicle insurance. You need liability insurance, tax identification number and register the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship.
Define Operational Area
Since you offer mobile services you need to define service area. The area should be reasonable distance from your office or home. Focus on your immediate environment and locations not more than 30 minutes driving distance.
It is important to organize outcalls and group according to demography. This will offer better efficiency and reduce transport costs. You can meet appointments on specific days depending on your schedule.
Common locations are individual homes, apartments, office complex.
Mobile Dog Grooming Equipment
Make sure the vehicle is fitted with mobile dog grooming equipment. Common equipment are nail clippers, bows, cleaning products, shampoos.
Others are blow dryers, bandanas, brushes and shears scissors. More are clippers, bathtub, grooming tables, electrical outlets, lighten and generating set.
         Nail clippers
         Cleaning products
         Blow dryers
         Shears scissors
         Grooming tables
         Electrical outlets
         Generating set
The Vehicle
The vehicle is the most important equipment in the mobile grooming industry. The vehicle should be large enough to contain grooming equipment and a grooming table.
Preferred vehicles are trailers or large vans. Most grooming vehicles are converted and fitted with appropriate equipment. The conversion should meet high way traffic safety administration standards.

Pet Taxi: How to Start a Pet taxi Service

Transporting pets is an unusual niche in animal care industry. The job is lucrative with very few competition. To start the business you need to define a service area. Then purchase equipment, price your service and form the business. You need to manage your appointments, create a contract and advertise.
Define your Area
It is important defining your operational area. Focus on a specific region, town, state, county or city. A good place to work is within a large metropolis or city. Make sure you follow state regulation when transporting the animals.
Register the Business
Register the business as a sole proprietor company. Select a business name, get tax identification number and insurance.
To reduce liability, incorporate the business as a limited liability company. Make sure you comply with state laws and regulations. You need a commercial driving license and vehicle documents.
 •        Sole proprietor company

•        Select a business name

•        Get tax identification number

•        Insurance.

•        Comply with state laws and regulations

•        Commercial driving license

•        Vehicle documents.

pet taxi

Manage Appointments
Create a spreadsheet, organize schedules and manage appointments. Offer your clients quality service and manage calls.
Make sure while in transit you remain in contact with the client. If you are driving use a hands free set to answer enquires and calls.
•        Create a spreadsheet

•        Organize schedules

•        Manage appointments

•        Quality service

•        Manage calls

To reach customers you need to advertise the business. Cost effective ways include building a website or blog. Others are social media platforms, email marketing and YouTube videos.
Advertise on your vehicle, print flyers, and business cards. Place the flyers at pet related businesses, dog grooming services, doggie day care centers. Add the business to yellow pages and directories.
  Advertise the business

•        Building a website

•        Blog

•        Social media platforms

•        Email marketing

•        YouTube videos

•        Print flyers

•        Business cards

•        Yellow pages

•        Directories

Pricing requires determining the appropriate amount a customer will pay for your transport service. Things that determine price are distance, total mileage, fuel, insurance, labor.
Find out what competitors charge, their business structure and client base. Make sure the price is competitive and close to those found in the industry. The price could be estimated on meter mileage, per hour or a negotiate sum.
Hire an attorney to create a standard contract for the service. The contract should specify charges, liabilities, pick-up, destination, delivery time. There should be a form that highlights the animal’s medical history, age, breed, allergies.
The form should determine extend of liability based on accident or injury to the animal. The form can have contact information, address, phone number, emergency contact information. Others are veterinarians address, phone number.
Contract Form Parameters

•        Specify charges

•        Liabilities

•        Pick-up

•        Destination

•        Delivery time

•        Animal’s medical history

•        Age

•        Breed

•        Allergies

•        Contact information

•        Address

•        Phone number

•        Emergency contact information

•        Veterinarians address

•        Phone number

Purchase Equipment
The main equipment is the vehicle to transport the animal. The vehicle can be a sport utility vehicle, bus, van or truck.
Make sure the vehicle is properly aerated, air conditioned and ventilated. It should accommodate cages or kennels, crate. You need harness, seat belts, leashes and collars.
       Transport vehicle

•        Cages

•        Kennels

•        Crate

•        Harness

•        Seat belts

•        Leashes

•        Collars

How to Start Dog Training Business

Worldwide, dogs are the preferred pet in most households. Two thirds of every household in America has a dog or some type of pet. Pet services in America in 2018 attract over $7 billion dollars in revenue.
The animal requires proper grooming, Medicare, food and training. Dog training services is in huge demand and very lucrative. The investor can hire a professional trainer or learn the trade. The business is practical from home and low startup cost.
Dog Related Businesses
There are different businesses that relate to dogs. You have the dog food producers, pet sitters and dog walkers. Others are groomers, kennel supervisor, dog show handlers, dog trainers and doggie day care operators.
         Dog food producers
         Pet sitters
         Dog walkers
         Kennel supervisor
         Dog show handlers
         Dog trainers
         Doggie day care operators
dog training
How to Start a Dog Training Business
Write a Business Plan
The first step is to write a dog training business plan. Then carry out a feasibility study and obtain an operational license. The plan should cover the mission and vision statement, accounting and services. The person needs to acquire appropriate skill and formal training.
Learn the Trade
To provide quality service the investor needs to gain experience. It is important to learn the trade before you can run a successful dog training business. The trainer should love dogs, understand different training techniques and develop business skill.
The job involves understanding canine behavior, responses and commands. The trainer could learn by becoming an apprentice, job place experience or formal training.
There are a few professional training schools, online courses, books and tutorials. The trainer needs to acquire certification.
It is important to join a professional association to acquire certificate. Some recognized bodies are association of pet dog trainer’s certification, council of professional dog trainers. The business is usually a one man enterprise therefore register as a sole proprietor.
Other options are incorporating as a limited liability company or partnership. You need a business license, operational permit and liability insurance. You need tax identification number, health and safety measures.
The equipment depends on the size and scope of the business. A home-based business require very few basic tools. A boarding facility needs dog kernels, mouth guards, collars, chains, training props. Other equipment are treats, clickers, leashes.
         Dog kernels
         Mouth guards
         Training props
The startup requirement is low and training equipment basic and easy to source. Fund the enterprise through target savings, borrow from friends and family. You can apply for a micro finance loan or find a business partner.
         Target savings
         Borrow from friends and family
         Apply for a micro finance loan
         Find a business partner.
Make sure your rates are in conformity with those obtained in the industry. Private home training can attract $25 to $100 per hour. The trainers base their prices on time spent on the pet. You can offer group training, private training, and hourly training.
Network with veterinary clinics, groomers, dog shelters, pet sitters and pet boutiques. Others are doggie daycare, boarding kennel, dog owners and pet shops. Advertise the business through word of mouth, social media a blog or website.
Use electronic media and print to spread the word. Use flyers, posters, banners, brochures, business card, sign board. Register a catchy business name and create a logo.
         Word of mouth
         Social media
         Blog or website
         Electronic media
         Use flyers
         Business card
         Catchy business name
         Create a logo
The trainer needs to conform to zoning requirements. The trainer can start the business from home or work from a rented space. Some trainers prefer outcalls and work from client’s house. A large training facility will provide boarding for the dogs.