Bicycle Repair: How to Start Bicycle Repair Business

The startup cost for a bicycle repair business is from $500 to $5000. The business is practicable from home and you need basic equipment. The equipment are low cost and easy to source.
The job is practicable from home or a dedicated store. To augment income you can sell used or new bicycles. The business is locating based and there are franchising opportunities.
The Location
The location is very important to the success of the business. The location should be visible and area with lots of bike enthusiasts. Find a shop with good storage and workshop to repair the bikes.
Bicycle Repair
Learn the Trade
It is important learning how to repair bikes. You can become an apprentice or gain job place experience. Read books, tutorials or attend a trade workshop.
Watch tutorial videos and practice repairing bikes before offering your services. The job involves replacing worn parts, replacing chains, flats. They tighten spokes, straighten wheels, general servicing and inflate tires.
         Workplace experience
         become an apprentice
         Read books
         Use tutorials
         Attend a trade workshops
         Watch tutorial videos
         Practice repairing bike at home
Tools to Repair Bikes
The equipment is basic and easy to find. You could purchase a bike repair kit and use tools around the house. Some handy tools are tire lever, trueing wheels, chain whips, wrenches. A good tire pump is also very useful.
         Bike repair kit
         Tire lever
         air pump
         trueing wheels
         Chain whips
The job is profitable based on the number of clients you service. Operator have flexible working hours and earn about $30 to $40 per hour.
Value added Service
The core business is bicycle repair however value added services would increase income. Sell used or new bikes, basic tune up, cleaning. Sell replacement parts and bike accessories like lights, bells, bike seats.
         Bicycle repair
         Sell used
         Sell new bikes
         Do basic tune up
         Bike cleaning
         Sell replacement parts
         Sell bike accessories
You don’t need serious marketing to attract customers. First make sure your workshop is in a public location. Place a simple signboard in-front of the store. Use flyers, business cards and word of mouth.
Be cautious to you customer, look over the bike to spot the problem. Prepare a bill and explain your charges, replacement parts you need to buy.
The business is strictly cash based so collect advance before starting the job. This is to prevent people abandoning their bikes in your store for several months.
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