CastBox Podcast Listening Site Review

There are new online startups with innovative products, funding and good business structure. The online platform is focused on podcast and audio. The company has an audio search feature for best free podcasts.
They are the best way to listen to audiobooks, on-demand radio and podcasts. The owner sold her home and raised $13.5 million startup funding. The website has the FAQ section, for podcaster, press center, contact us and a blog.
Under FAQ you have the settings, subscriptions, comments. Others are playlist, channels, episodes, create and upload podcasts.
The products focus on the spoken word and podcasts. Others are audiobooks, on-demand radio. You can download the fee app and it’s available on IOS and Android.
In-Audio Search
The in-Audio search feature is a new way to experience on- demand radio.
The audiobook presents most relevant information for listeners. Another benefits of audiobooks are the inspirational stores.
Cross Platform Support
The audio is supported by different platforms to provide a seamless experience. Popular platforms are mobile, desktop, android auto.
The mobile option allows castbox on IOS and android devices. You can listen on your desktop or on demand radio with amazon echo.
Podcasters are free to upload onto castbox and connect with new audience. The service is free and you can monetize your audience. The platform is the fastest growing IOS podcast app and Android.
The websites estimates user participation at 15 million users. To grow an audience the podcast should be engaging and use social features. They provide a free hosting with unlimited uploads for free.


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