How to Open a Nail Salon

This business offers nail care services and products. The salon operator should have the technical knowledge and certification.
The business is practicable low, medium or large scale. You can start from home or open a nail salon. Things you need are funding, good location, legal fees and employees.
Write a Business Plan
The first step is to write a nail salon business plan. Then carry out a feasibility study and survey. The plan should focus on best location, customer base, type of services, pricing. The investor can study the competitions business structure and services.
Related industry
There are many beauty related industries like barbing beauty consultant nail technician. Others are mobile beautician, pedicurists, stylists, massage therapist.
Nail Salon Ideas
Niche ideas in the nail industry are mobile nail salon, wedding and bridal services. You can operate an eco-friendly salon or location based business.
The challenges are finding a good location and funding. Others are hiring experienced workers, pricing, staying competitive. More are legal, equipment, utilities.
Ways to Start a Nail Salon
There are three ways to start a nail salon. You can buy into a franchise, start from scratch or buy an existing business. A franchise arrangement is expensive however operators get adequate support.
Register the Business
You need to register the business as a limited liability company, partnership or sole proprietor. The LLC with insurance will protect against liability however a sole proprietor is liable to the extent of property.
You need tax identification number, business name and conform to safety/hygiene standards. Other considerations are zoning, sales tax, and operational permit.
         Limited liability company
         Sole proprietor
         Tax identification number
         Business name
         Conform to safety/hygiene standards
         Sales tax
         Operational permit
The nail salon operator needs certification or technical knowledge. There are many trade institution, schools of cosmetic and beauty to consider.
The beautician can attend seminars, trade workshops and gain practical knowledge. The education you need are nail technician certification.
How to Run a Successful Nail Salon
To run a successful nail salon you need a few things. You need adequate preparation, clean environment determination. The beautician should have knowledge and certification in nail application. It is important to relate well with customers and hire experienced staff.
Create Awareness
To attract customers the new business needs to create awareness. You can advertise in local newspaper, beauty magazines.
Other marketing strategy is digital signboard, a website, social media presence. Others are print of flyers, posters, banners, complementary cards, billboard. The studio should be in a heavily trafficked area and close to customer base.
         Advertise in local newspaper
         Beauty magazines
         Digital signboard
         A website
         Social media presence
         Use print
         Good location
Increase Customer Retention
To increase customer retention offer special discounts and competitive prices. You need good customer relations, offer more services and make it a one stop location. Organize community events, regularly update customer data base and provide quality work.
         Offer special discounts
         Competitive prices
         Good customer relations
         Offer more services
         One stop location
         Organize community events
         Regularly update customer data
         Provide quality work
How to Beat Competition
Beat the competition be creative, offer free manicure and pedicure. Use online resources like social adverts, website or blogging. Create an effective marketing strategy, retaining old customers.
         Be creative
         Offer free manicure
         Use online resources
         Social adverts
         Website or blogging
         Create a marketing strategy
         Retaining old customers
The price depends on the demography, type of service and product. Other things that affect price is rent, utilities, overheads, labor and clientele. Manicure. Pedicure treatment starts from $10 - $100.
To grow your customer base you need a good marketing strategy. Use newspaper publications, magazine ads. Network with industrial players, offer quality services and products.
Use flyers, posters, banners, signboards and billboards. Print business cards, leaflets, gift cards. Use referrals, word of mouth, a website and social media. You can organize community based activities, offer discounts and promotions.
         Use newspaper publications
         Magazine ads
         Offer quality services and products
         Use flyers
         Print business cards
         Gift cards
         Use referrals
         Word of mouth
         Build a website
         Use social media
         Organize community based activities
         Offer discounts
Choose a commercially viable location in a busy area. Make sure the area has your target audience. Good locations are popular shopping malls, supermarkets, middle/upper class areas.
         Near Colleges
         Shopping malls
         Middle/upper class areas
The amount of investment depends on rent, location, equipment, staff and utilities. . Startup can cost from $1,500 to $150,000 depending on the size and scope.
The funds are provided by the owner of the business. Raise funds through target savings or borrow from friends and family. Others are angel investors, venture capitalists, partnership.
         Target savings
         Borrow from friends and family
         Small loan
         Angel investors
         Venture capitalists


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