How to Start Cattle Haulage Business

The movement of animals from one location to another is livestock transportation. An investor could specialize further into only one type of livestock such as cattle, pig, goats or chickens.
If your focus is on moving cattle then you are in the cattle haulage business. There are different modes of transportation used for cattle haulage.
We have rail transportation, road, sea and air. To transport cattle by land you need specialized trailers specially remodeled for this purpose.
The specialized trailers are capable of covering vast distances to beef markets, farms, horse breeders, auctions and slaughter slabs.
The pricing is predicated on the exact size, weight and number of animals to be transported. Other parameters include fuel cost, type of accommodation and distant traveled. The trailer should be in pristine shape and high performance.
 Cattle Haulage Business
How to Reduce Stress during Haulage
Animals are generally stressed out during transportation. To reduce the negative effect there are a few things a transporter can do.
You could invest in a heavy duty under carriage with strong axles. This effectively reduces tire deflation, blow outs and increases breaking power.
Purchase a steel constructed trailer because they are easier fixed than aluminum trailers. Make sure the interior is white or light interior and cushion the floor with recycled rubber.
You need to keep to timelines, load the cattle gently and make sure the floor is non skid. Additional features for cattle comfort could include half slides on interior gates and wide top slots.
Livestock Transportation Business
Livestock transportation business is very profitable and moderately challenging. You need adequate startup funds, lots of networking, marketing and a good vehicle. Other requirements are office, staff, management team and registration.
Write a Cattle Haulage Business Plan
Write a cattle haulage business plan that cover type of vehicle, company location, services and management structure. You need to provide unique services, future projections and profit/loss parameters.
Carry out a Feasibility Study
The feasibility study should focus on competitors, pricing target demography and ideal location. This will provide an insight to operational procedures and tactics to deploy.
The trucking business is capital intensive and the vehicles are not cheap. Source the funds through commercial bank loans or private savings. You could approach other investors or find a core investor.
Registration and Licenses
There are many certifications you need to haul cattle across stateliness. The cattle should be certified healthy by a veterinary doctor.
You need a trade license, motor vehicle license and commercial driver’s license. Other requirements are liability insurance cover, limited liability incorporation and tax considerations.
Find out the certifications and licenses including disease control provisions.
Hire Competent Staff
Hire drivers with proof of efficiency and clean driving records. Truck driving is hard work which involves long hours on the road.
Make sure your driver passes a comprehensive truck driving course. Other staffs are secretary, accountant, lawyer and cleaners.
Marketing the Cattle Haulage Business
If your business is stationed where there are lots of cattle then you will make profit. Most farmers and livestock settlements are located in rural areas and villages.
They need transportation to the city and it’s not unusually to have many farmers transporting the cattle as a collective. Market your services to farmers, livestock shows and slaughter houses.
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