How to Start Dog Training Business

Worldwide, dogs are the preferred pet in most households. Two thirds of every household in America has a dog or some type of pet. Pet services in America in 2018 attract over $7 billion dollars in revenue.
The animal requires proper grooming, Medicare, food and training. Dog training services is in huge demand and very lucrative. The investor can hire a professional trainer or learn the trade. The business is practical from home and low startup cost.
Dog Related Businesses
There are different businesses that relate to dogs. You have the dog food producers, pet sitters and dog walkers. Others are groomers, kennel supervisor, dog show handlers, dog trainers and doggie day care operators.
         Dog food producers
         Pet sitters
         Dog walkers
         Kennel supervisor
         Dog show handlers
         Dog trainers
         Doggie day care operators
dog training
How to Start a Dog Training Business
Write a Business Plan
The first step is to write a dog training business plan. Then carry out a feasibility study and obtain an operational license. The plan should cover the mission and vision statement, accounting and services. The person needs to acquire appropriate skill and formal training.
Learn the Trade
To provide quality service the investor needs to gain experience. It is important to learn the trade before you can run a successful dog training business. The trainer should love dogs, understand different training techniques and develop business skill.
The job involves understanding canine behavior, responses and commands. The trainer could learn by becoming an apprentice, job place experience or formal training.
There are a few professional training schools, online courses, books and tutorials. The trainer needs to acquire certification.
It is important to join a professional association to acquire certificate. Some recognized bodies are association of pet dog trainer’s certification, council of professional dog trainers. The business is usually a one man enterprise therefore register as a sole proprietor.
Other options are incorporating as a limited liability company or partnership. You need a business license, operational permit and liability insurance. You need tax identification number, health and safety measures.
The equipment depends on the size and scope of the business. A home-based business require very few basic tools. A boarding facility needs dog kernels, mouth guards, collars, chains, training props. Other equipment are treats, clickers, leashes.
         Dog kernels
         Mouth guards
         Training props
The startup requirement is low and training equipment basic and easy to source. Fund the enterprise through target savings, borrow from friends and family. You can apply for a micro finance loan or find a business partner.
         Target savings
         Borrow from friends and family
         Apply for a micro finance loan
         Find a business partner.
Make sure your rates are in conformity with those obtained in the industry. Private home training can attract $25 to $100 per hour. The trainers base their prices on time spent on the pet. You can offer group training, private training, and hourly training.
Network with veterinary clinics, groomers, dog shelters, pet sitters and pet boutiques. Others are doggie daycare, boarding kennel, dog owners and pet shops. Advertise the business through word of mouth, social media a blog or website.
Use electronic media and print to spread the word. Use flyers, posters, banners, brochures, business card, sign board. Register a catchy business name and create a logo.
         Word of mouth
         Social media
         Blog or website
         Electronic media
         Use flyers
         Business card
         Catchy business name
         Create a logo
The trainer needs to conform to zoning requirements. The trainer can start the business from home or work from a rented space. Some trainers prefer outcalls and work from client’s house. A large training facility will provide boarding for the dogs.


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