How to Start Elderly Transportation Business

Senior citizens due to advanced age have mobility issues and challenges. They need help and support to carry out simple things like grocery shopping and meet doctor’s appointment.
Providing the elderly transportation is a very lucrative business venture. Although retirees have low income streams, many have livelong investments.
To start a senior citizen transport service you need initial funding. The fund is meant for vehicle acquisition, marketing and maintenance. Here are a few steps to starting a transport business for the elderly.
Elderly Transportation Startup
Choose a Niche
Although you could offer a broad based business it is better to narrow down your services. Select a niche that supports the elderly such as shopping, escort services, doctor’s appointment or general taxi service.
The niche determines the type of vehicle you need.  service for the elderly needs a high roof van with wheelchair ramp. The ideal vehicle for a regular taxi service is a car, SUV, mini-van or van.
Elderly Transportation Business
Lease or Buy a Vehicle
If you can’t afford to buy a vehicle you could consider leasing one or hire-purchase. It is better to own your own vehicle so try to purchase a new or used one. Start small and gradually increase your motor pool as the business grows.
Rent an Office
You need an operational base for your business. The business is practicable from home however an office gives your enterprise more legitimacy.
The office should have a large car park and storage area. The office should also have a reception area for clients.
Make sure your office has basic equipment and furniture. The equipment you need is a computer, printer, fax machine and telephone.
Registration and Licenses
Register the business as a sole proprietorship business or limited liability company. The vehicle should have a commercial license, insurance and road-worthiness certificate.
The driver should have a commercial driving license and personal identification number to fill tax requirements. Another requirement in some countries is joining a commercial transportation union in your locality.
Hire Staff
The staffs you need include drivers, cleaner and a secretary. The driver’s must have a commercial driving license and no criminal record. They should learn defensive driving skills and get regular training.
Elderly transport service providers are many and the industry saturated. To attract repeat patronage you need to offer your customers unique, friendly experience.
They will call the same cab service if they feel comfortable with your services. Offer your customers discounts, drop and pick services and other beneficial services.
Advertise in newspapers, elderly magazines and online. Print flyers, billboards sign boards, and brochures.
Distribute your flyers to health centers, hospitals and leisure centers. Use newsletter publications, classified websites and yellow pages.
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