How to Start a Mobile Mechanic Service

You need training and technical knowledge to become an automobile mechanic. Once you acquire appropriate training there are two ways to launch the enterprise. You can start from scratch or offer mobile services.
Mobile services are basically offering out calls for vehicle repairs. You need a good utility bus fitted with your working tools and equipment. Here are ideas on how to start the business.
Decide on a Template
Once you have decided to go into vehicle repairs you need to determine your services. You could open a workstation or offer mobile services. It is highly profitable to offer both onsite repairs and mobile. Make sure you have proper transportation and equipment.
Automobile Mechanic Training
You need training and education to become a mechanic. You can gain experience as an apprentice or earn a degree. There are also technical training institutions that offer programs.
Formal education should be a certificate or associate degree in automobile technology. The mechanic needs certification from a recognized body. The training requirements are entry level automobile mechanics and on job experience.
Mechanic Training
  • gain experience
  • become an apprentice
  • earn a degree
  • go to a technical training institutions
  • get a certificate
  • associate degree in automobile technology
  • certification from a recognized body
 Mechanic Service
Mobile Mechanic Services
The mechanic can offer major and basic repairs. They generally perform oil change, use replacement parts, check suspenders and breaks.
Their responsibility includes inspection, transmission, troubleshooting and maintenance of vehicles. They offer convenience by working at the customers preferred location.
  • major repairs
  • basic repairs
  • perform oil change
  • use replacement parts
  • check suspenders
  • fix breaks
  • carry out inspection
  • check transmission
  • do troubleshooting
  • general maintenance of vehicles
To operate a mechanic workshop you need appropriate permit. First get a business license and incorporate the business. It is better to register a limited liability company than a sole proprietorship.
The next step is to get liability insurance and comprehensive vehicle insurance. You need a tax identification number or employer identification number.
If you intend selling spare parts you need a reseller license. This will attract sales tax identification number. In some countries different licenses cover particular services.
Mobile Mechanic License
The required registration for mobile mechanic is as follows.
  • A business name or trade name
  • Business tax registration
  • A federal tax ID (EIN)
  • A sellers permit or wholesale resale state ID
Mechanic Equipment
The most important equipment for your mobile services is a utility truck. You can purchase a second hand or used truck. The vehicle should have towing capability for more difficult cases.
Equipment you need is hose remover tool, circuit tester, diagnostic tool, foot wretch. Others are tire step, magnetic mirrors, socket set, tip scriber. More include magnetic belt clip, disassemble toolkit, socket organizer and torque wrench.
You need a good floor jack, spark plug pliers, flexible sockets, pick set. Purchase locking extension bars, kiwi pliers, nut splitter.
Mobile Mechanic Tools
  • Mechanical tools
  • Ratchet extruder
  • LED light
  • Utility vehicle
  • Hose remover tool
  • Circuit tester
  • Diagnostic tool
  • Foot wretch
  • Tire step
  • Magnetic mirrors
  • Socket set
  • Tip scriber
  • Magnetic belt clip
  • Disassemble toolkit
  • Socket organizer
  • Torque wrench
  • Floor jack
  • Spark plug pliers
  • Flexible sockets
  • Pick set
  • Locking extension bars
  • Kiwi pliers
  • Nut splitter
Location requirements are large building to accommodate back office, tools and workshop. Make sure the location is close to a main road or city. The traveling distance for outcalls should not exceed thirty minutes from your location.
Get an Office
Irrespective of your business model you need a back office. Make sure it has a storage unit and workstation. You need a secretary to answer calls, bookkeeper or accountant.
Invest in accounting software to carry out invoicing, tracking and accounting procedures. If you are cash strapped turn a room into an office.
Cost Considerations
The cost considerations are diagnostic machine, tools, rent. Others include insurance cost, utility truck and office equipment. You can start a home based business with $30,000. However there are different parameters such as cost of rent, type of diagnostic tools, insurance.
  • Type of diagnostic machine
  • Mechanic tools
  • Rent
  • insurance cost
  • utility truck
  • office equipment
To reach customers you need an advertisement strategy. Use electronic and print media to reach customers. Print flyers, billboards, posters and business cards.
Offer promotional gifts to customers and reach out to companies that have fleet vehicles. A good customer base could be found in transport companies, banks, and automobile dealers.
  • Newspaper advertisements
  • Television
  • Flyers
  • Billboards
  • Posters
  • Business cards
  • Offer promotional gift items
Build a Website
Build a website for your business. Choose a domain name and good host plan. Make sure the site targets your operational area and demography. Include your services, location, contact information and phone number. Use online advertisement to drive targeted customers to your website.
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