How to Start a Pet Bakery Business

Pets need good nutrition and well-made treats. The niche is popular in some countries and non-existent in others. It is better to focus on making pet food, biscuits and cakes.
Pet food makers concentrate on dog, cat and bird food. To start the business you need equipment, raw material, a formula. Provide good packaging, pay legal fees and get the product licensed.
The business requires a legal identity to sell pet bakery products. Register the business as a sole proprietor, partnership or limited liability company. An LLC with protect the company from litigation and liability.
The packaged pet food should have a Food and Drug certification. You need a tax identification number, insurance. The business is practicable from home or a factory.
A home based business requires a retail outlet or online sales. To sell online you need a website or social media presence.
         Sole proprietor
         Limited Liability Company
         Food and drug certification
         Tax identification number
         Build a website
         Social media presence
Make sure the product is appropriately priced. The price should be competitive and similar to those obtained in the market.
Online delivery would be through courier while local with dispatch rider. The product is perishable and requires careful handling.
Payment Options
There are different payment options to consider. You can use point of sale, check, bank drat and bank transfer.
To sell online use debit card, credit card or PayPal. The most appropriate payment option is cash based transaction.
The Product
The manufacturer needs to develop a quality product to compete favorably with established brands. Popular products are dog food, cakes, cookies and biscuits.
Make sure the products meet food and drug certification. The package should have the manufacturers name, address and telephone number. The ingredients used in the process should be clearly stated on the packaging.
         Dog food
Commercial Kitchen
Commercial kitchen equipment are cutting board, cutters, cake pans, containers. Others are mixers, oven and stove.
You can produce holiday theme packaging, gift baskets. Register a unique name, create a logo to distinguish your product from others. Use television, radio and print to advertise the business.
Use flyers, posters, banners, billboards, sign boards and complementary cards. Advertise the product in pet magazines, local newspaper. Use online advertisement to attract customers. Network with vet clinics, pet stores, dog groomers, dog daycare.
         Produce holiday theme packaging
         Gift baskets
         Register a unique name
         Create a logo
         Use television
         Print flyers
         Sign boards
         Complementary cards


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