How to Start a Truck Stop Business

Truck stop centers are usually located near highways. They offer rest, parking, restaurant, diesel and gasoline services. 
Their core customer base are truck drivers, travelers and local community. The commercial facility provides dinner has fuel pumps, parking and garage services. Usually located by a highway the offer essential services to travelers.
You have three options to start from scratch, buy an existing truck shop or franchising. Franchising is capital intensive and you need to investigate the opportunity. A franchise will provide support, training, logistics and branding.
To buy an existing center make sure you study their financial statement and customer base. Find out why they want to sell and any liabilities. Starting from scratch requires a business plan, funding, feasibility study, operation license, site evaluation and structures.
Startup Options
         Start from scratch
         Buy an existing truck shop
Truck Stop
Write a Business Plan
Write a truck stop business plan and carry out a feasibility study. Study your competition business strategy, prices and services. The plan should cover revenue, expenses, funding and salaries. Startup expenses includes licensing, securing a line of credit.
Learn the Trade
The business faces lots of competition from established brands. Learn the trade from owners of truck stops outside your operational area. Other ways include hiring a consultant, use online resources, read books and attend seminars.
The truck stop offers essential services that are tailor made for truck drivers and travelers. Government regulations provides provisions for truckers to rest/sleep at truck stops.
The stop might provide auxiliary power units, air conditioning, communication facilities, load board monitors and internet connectivity. Services include diner restaurant, convenient store and parking.
Others are fuel station services, fast food, car wash, full service and maintenance of trucks. They have retail stores that sell unique items like maps, toaster ovens, truck accessories, audio books  A large truck stop could accommodate  small independent businesses.
Truck Stop Services
         Truckers to rest stops
         provide auxiliary power units
         Air conditioning
         Communication facilities
         load board monitors
         Internet connectivity
         Diner restaurant
         Convenient store
         Fuel station services
         Fast food
         Car wash
         Full service and maintenance of trucks
         Retail stores
         accommodate small independent businesses
The business is capital intensive and requires at least $2 million. The funds are used to equip gasoline, diesel facility and construct building. Other uses are restaurant equipment, store equipment, contingency, fixed assets, inventory and working capital.
Register the business as a limited liability company or partnership. Secure an operational license, insurance and tax identification number.
The expenditure are land costs, restaurant equipment and miscellaneous. Others are highway improvements, store equipment and building. Estimated average site is 6,000 square ft. More expenditure are gas facility, diesel facility and land development.
Company Ownership
The company is registered as a limited liability or partnership enterprise.
The site location should be near a busy highway. Site considerations include good road network, accessibility, low residential area and excellent demography. The entrepreneur should consider expansion, availability of utilities and high traffic area.
Truck Stop Site Requirements
         Near a busy highway
         Good road network
         Easy accessibility
         Low residential area
         Excellent demography
         Room for expansion
         Availability of utilities
         High traffic area.
All the marketing is on-site in print. Print signboards for the convenient store, restaurant, and gasoline station. Use billboards, branding, discounts and promotions to attract patronage.


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