How to Start a Vehicle Wrap Business

Any moving vehicle is fair game for advertisement wrapping. The concept works on trucks, trains, car, utility vehicles and buses.
You also can wrap boats, motorcycles and racing cars. There are many branded products sold by equipment manufacturers to aid the printing process.
You could buy, lease or outsource printing at a cheaper rate. The startup costs depend entirely on the type of equipment, location, staff and business template.
Vehicle Wrap Services
You can use technology to avail your customer’s different services. Common serves include vehicle wrapping, decals, window-tinting and fleet graphics.
More services include boat graphics, pin striping, and metallic ink graphics. Common applications are found in decals, fleet graphics on boats, professional motor sports vehicles and commercial buses.
  • Vehicle wrapping
  • Decals
  • Window-tinting
  • Fleet graphics
  • Boat graphics
Vehicle Wrap
Vehicle Wrap Equipment
When choosing equipment, purchase high quality materials and printers. The equipment should be rugged, durable, produce quality colors, fast and reliable.
The maintenance cost should be low and operation basic. Essential equipment include full color printers, airbrush stencils, die-cutting machine.
Others are inkjet devices, clear paint protection films, latex and laminator. More items are window films, and calendar vinyl.
To produce decals you need JET Pro or desktop printer and die cutting machine. You could produce bumper stickers, logos and adhesive media.
To window tint you need cutting technology that provides good accuracy. Inkjet is used to produce fleet graphics. The inkjet should produces bold, high density colors for boat related graphics.
List of Vehicle Graphic Equipment
Cutting Equipment
  • Desktop vinyl cutter
  • STIKA desktop cutter
  • Pro Series Cutter
Engraving Equipment
  • Photo impact printer
  • Desktop engraver
Printing Equipment
  • Different color of ink
  • Media
  • Inkjet printer
  • Inkjet printer/ cutter
  • 3D printer
  • Engrave lab
  • SRP player pro
  • R-wear studio
Hire Staff
You need a small team to effectively run a vehicle wrap business. The most important member of staff is the graphic designer.
You could outsource the designs to freelance graphic printers or produce them in-house. The graphic work should be high quality to attract regular patronage.
Other staffs are inkjet operator, cutting machine operator and a manager. You might need a location driver and receptionist to communicate with potential clients.
Write a Business Plan
Write a vehicle wrap business plan and carry out a feasibility study. The business plan should cover machine installation and company incorporation. Other parameters are supplies of raw materials, marketing and funding.
Apply for an employer identification number and get sales tax. Incorporate the business as a sole proprietorship or limited liability company. You need a business license to operate.
Learn the Basic
Approach established graphic designers for training on designs and machine operation. You could produce the designs yourself or outsource the production.
Purchase of equipment could range from $30,000-$45,000. Once you have acquired the necessary skills practice on friends and family to perfect the techniques.
Approach a commercial bank in your area for loans. You could try target savings or find a core investor. Other sources are crowdfunding or sale of equity.

Basic Requirements
There are general requirements for drivers interested in car wrap business. The person should have a legitimate driver’s license.
They should be 18 years of age and regularly commute or cover several miles daily. The car could be mid range, new or fairly new and well maintained.
It is essential you sign a contract with the advertisement agency and understand the terms and condition.
List of Advertisement Car Wrap Companies
There are a few companies that support car wrap advertisement. Make sure you find out their terms of service and conditions to participate in the scheme. Here is a list of car wrap advertisement companies.
10 Car Wrap Advertisement Companies
Use vehicle related show to market your designs. Use car shows, semi-truck parks, sports events and theme parks.
An average vehicle wrap business could accommodate 25-40 wraps a year. However if you snag a corporate deal you are looking at over 100 full wraps. Supplement your income with tinting, decals and fleet graphics.


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