How to Start a Window Tinting Business from Scratch

Window tinting business has both house and vehicle applications. It is practicable from home and requires basic equipment.
The practitioner needs to learn the skill, purchase appropriate equipment and formulate a marketing strategy. Startup depends on the template and the person could hire technicians or work alone.
Steps to Start Automobile Tinting
To start the business you need to form a legal entity. Then write a business plan and focus on your target market. Make sure you are tax compliant and open a separate account for the business.
Next obtain the necessary permits, license and get business insurance. Set up a proper accounting to accurately monitor your income and expenditure.  
Startup Steps
1.  Form a legal entity
2. Write a business plan
3. Focus on your target market
4. Be tax compliant
5. Open a separate account
6. Obtain the necessary permits
7. Get business license
8. Get business insurance
9. Set up a proper accounting
10. Start the business 
Tinting Business
Types of Window Tinting
There are two major types of window tinting. You have the flat glass and automobile tinting. The practitioner needs to focus on one sector.
Flat tinting involves installing flat glass to buildings. The flat glass panels are applicable to any building such as bungalows, houses, office complex and duplex. Auto tinting focuses on any type of 4 wheel vehicle.
Benefits of Window Tinting
The benefits include trendy look, reduction of interior glare. It provides a shield from direct sun rays and ultra violet exposure. The widows are durable, weather resistance and affordable. Other benefits are privacy of the individual and vehicle esthetics.
  • It is trendy look
  • it reduces of interior glare
  • It shield from direct sun rays
  • It guards against ultra violet exposure
  • It is durable
  • weather resistance
  • it is affordable
  • it provides privacy for owners
Job Specification
The person looking to start the business should have technical knowledge of the job. The job also requires handmade customization of glass. The individual should have passion for cars and good interpersonal skill.
It is important to offer clients quality products and service. The job entails sourcing tinted glass, outcalls. To reach customers you need effective marketing and an operational vehicle.
  • Good technical knowledge
  • Handmade customization of glass
  • passion for cars
  • good interpersonal skill
  • offer clients quality products and service
  • sourcing tinted glass
  • outcalls
  • effective marketing
  • an operational vehicle
Learn the Trade
To learn register for an online course, read manuals and eBooks. The online courses are expensive and could cost upwards to $1500.
Other ways include seminars, workshops and attending a vocational institution. You can gain workplace experience or become an apprentice. Another way is to hire a qualified tutor to teach the skill.
  • Complete an online course
  • read manuals
  • eBooks
  • attend seminars
  • go for workshops
  • attending a vocational institution
  • gain workplace experience
  • become an apprentice
  • hire a qualified tutor
Before you can provide the service you need a business license. Register the business as a limited liability company or sole proprietorship. Make sure you have a good insurance policy to ward against litigation.
There are also sales tax and labor safety requirements. You need to prepare a service contract for each new project and EIN.
  • Get a business license
  • Incorporate the business
  • have a good insurance policy
  • sales tax
  • follow labor safety requirements
  • prepare a service contract
  • get employer identification number
Business Location
The business location depends on your finances. A good location is beside an auto dealership or petrol station. Find appropriate commercial space with adequate parking, administrative office and workshop.
Target Market
The target market is car dealerships, vehicle importers. Other customers are government offices, entertainers and politicians. There are also private individuals interested in the service.
Tinted Window Market
  • car dealerships
  • vehicle importers
  • government offices
  • entertainers
  • politicians
  • private individuals
  • real estate developers
Hire Employees
The number of staff depends on the size of the operation. However, most small business units are run by one person. The job requirements are fixing the glass, balancing the books, out calls, customer service.
Costs and Earnings
The cost depends on the country and geographical location. The price differentiation is based in different thickness of the tint. The average service provider earns about $14 to $50 per hour. The enterprise is generally a one man business.
The cost to fix tinted windows in a car is from $150 to $400. With proper publicity it is possible to service 4 to 8 cars daily. You can increase earnings by offering house tinting services.
Expenses include purchase of supplies, vehicle maintenance costs and employees wages. With steady patronage it is possible to make six figure incomes.
Startup Costs
There are three ways to enter the tinting business. You can buy into an existing company, start from scratch or join a franchise. Joining a franchise is very expensive but they would provide all the training.
Starting from scratch depends on the size of the organization. A one man business can start with $4000 while franchise might attract $100,000. A mobile alternative is required, low startup and is practicable from home.
Growth Potential
The business is slightly challenging and requires serious marketing and networking. You can start the business from home and acquire an office as your clientele grows.
Use different advertisement strategies and platforms to reach customers. The potential for growth depends on attracting fleet customers.
Best Practices
To keep your customers happy you need to provide quality service. Make sure the windows are exact grades the customers want. Offer them different tinting options including competitive prices. Make sure the prices are affordable and in line with those in your locality.
Window Tinting Equipment
The service provider could chose between a computerized system and manual. The computerized cutting system is costly but efficient. You need the machinery, computer and relevant software.
Small startups use manual cutting and gradually upgrades as the business grows. Equipment include desktop cutter, series large format cutter. Others are film/vinyl designs, window film templates.
Hand tools are gasket push stick, stainless steel hook pulling tool and gasket remover. More are gasket seal chisel, felt tape, vinyl wrap strip magnet, trim guide tool. We have steel hook pulling tool, forming gloves, hard card sharpener and magnetic tape measure.
  • computerized cutting system
  • computer
  • software
  • manual cutting equipment
  • desktop cutter
  • series large format cutter
  • film/vinyl designs
  • window film templates
Hand Tools
  • gasket push stick
  • stainless steel hook pulling tool
  • gasket remover
  • gasket seal chisel, felt tape
  • vinyl wrap strip magnet
  • trim guide tool
  • steel hook pulling tool
  • forming gloves
  • hard card sharpener
  • magnetic tape measure
Marketing options are word of mouth, referrals and print. Place advertisement in national newspapers that offer wider circulation. Use flyers, posters, billboards and signboards to attract customers. Focus your campaign at auto dealers, windshield repairers, vehicles accessory stores.
Build and optimize your website by targeting your demography. Makes sure you include quality posts on the site including images of your work. Add contact page, phone number and email address.
Use social media adverts, trends and followers to attract patronage. Another way to reach customers is by offering mobile services.
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