How to Start Your Own Delivery Business

There are many small business ideas that are low cost high yielding. One of such businesses is delivery services.
Startup cost for this enterprise is relatively low because your primary equipment is the delivery truck. You can operate the business from home or an office environment.
The business does not require staff except a secretary to take calls in some cases. You also have the freedom to accept and reject orders, outside your mode of operation.
To start a delivery service you need a vehicle, office equipment and incorporation. Other things involve marketing, legal, insurance and tax. Here are a few ideas on how to start a delivery service.
Get the Vehicle
There are three ways to get a vehicle, lease one, purchase one or hire-purchase method. It is better to buy your own vehicles than the other two methods.
The amount of money you have determines between new or used vehicle. While choosing the vehicle consider the mileage, fuel efficiency and practicability.
Common vehicles used for delivery services are box truck and cargo vans. Many delivery businesses prefer diesel powered vehicles to petrol vehicles.
 Delivery Business
If you have a good credit rating, saving history and generate monthly income you can secure a car loan. It is easy to get a car loan from a bank if you are eligible.
Talk to your account officer on the best way to secure a car loan. Another way is to try target savings or source funds from family and friends.
Apart from the vehicle you need weighing and lifting equipment. Purchase a new or used dolly or hand truck.
Make sure the tools you purchase make the job of lifting and moving easier. Some equipment’s are straps, tarp covering, nylons, gloves, screw drivers and wooden crates.
Incorporate the Business
Select a business name and incorporate as a sole proprietor or limited liability company. It is better to incorporate the business as limited liability companies to reduce the incident of liability claims.
You also need a tax identification number, commercial driving license and other vehicle particulars.
Track Expenses
Being self employed requires judicious spending and accounting. You need to track your expenditure, profit and loss.
Make account of your inventory, customer regularity, fuel consumption distant traveled and other invoicing. The best way is to buy software or use an app for this purpose.
Become a Team Player
Although your delivery service is independently run you need networking. Finding clients and marketing costs could go through the roof.
It is better to join a company that sources clients for independent contacts through their vast network. They process payment, find clients and link to the registered delivery partners.
The beauty of this arrangement is you still source your own clients while they also provide new clients for your business.
The possibility of accidents, broken cargo, lateness and other problems necessitates taking out insurance. You need an insurance policy that protects against accidents, liability claims and vehicular repairs.
One of the criteria customers look at before engaging a delivery service is insurance. Talk to your insurance broker and get appropriate insurance cover.
Repeat Customers
In the delivery business you get lots of repeat customers. This is because many customers that use such services are themselves into something that requires regularly delivery.
To retain customers you need to build a reputation of dependability and reliability. Quality service, safety and punctuality are the bedrock of a good delivery service. Repeat customer equates to business sustainability, more money and recommendations.
Market the business through television advertisement and newspaper publications. Use flyers, billboards, posters, sign boards. Use paid and free-classified websites and add your company to yellow pages and directories.
Build a website targeted to your demography and include company location, email address, services and management structure. Don’t forget to include a telephone number to take orders.
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