How to Write a Bakery Business Plan

Cruz Bakery is a bakery business incorporated in Texas. The company expect to leverage on the quality of its pastry products and services. Although the industry is very competitive the location has no competition. The demand is huge and our products are competitively priced to meet middleclass patronage.
The Company
Cruz Bakery incorporated in Texas is owned by husband and Wife, Brad and Lady Cruz. Brad a former executive chef with 14 years cognate experience.
Lady Cruz has a degree in accounting and worked as a marketing and management position for 10 years. The company staff requirement are two pastry makers, a driver and four part-time workers.
Products and Services
The products are bakery and coffee products. We will serve espresso products sourced from quality imports. Bakery products will be made on-site fresh and in batches.
The Market
The bakery and coffee market is huge in the United States of America.  With a huge local and tourist base rapidly growing 10% each year.
Financial Considerations
The startup requirement is estimated at $250,000 from borrowing and owners capitalization. Cruz bakery will raise $100,000 of its own capital and borrow $150,000. Expected sales is estimated at $400,000 annually with an increase of $200,000 the subsequent year.
We expect to break-even in six months of operation. Within the first year profit is estimated at $15,000 which will double the second year. We expect a steady cash flow and collect cash and debit card transactions.
1.1 Mission
The bakery offers quality pastry products and coffee. Our mission is to provide quality products at competitive prices for middleclass. The expected market base are tourists and local residents.
Keys to Success
With our highly qualified management and staff the company is duly positioned for success. We strive to provide quality products, to notch services at competitive prices.
Company Summary
The company Cruz bakery is owned and managed by husband and wife Mr. and Lady Cruz. Their combined experience in management, sales, bakery, administration and sales will guarantee success of the business.
They will fund the enterprise their personal savings and seek additional funds for first year operations. The company requires a 6 year loan from financial sources. The company will operate in a moderately competitive environment and leverage on the experience and expertise of founders.
2.1 Company Ownership
The company is owned by Brad and Lady Cruz and incorporated in Texas.
2.2 Start-up Summary
The startup is funded by financers and the business owners. Startup requirements are legal, expensed equipment and premises renovation.
Startup expenses are current assets, long term assets and cash requirements. The total fund requirements include additional cash, non-cash assets and startup cash requirements.
Liability and Capital
The liabilities are long term liabilities, current borrowing and outstanding bills. The total liability includes owner’s startup funds. The startup total liabilities is expected at 210,000.
The products we offer are bakery and custom made coffee. The bakery will produce freshly baked products in batches for proper quality assurance. The coffee is imported from top growers to maintain quality.
Market Analysis Summary
The market is targeted at tourists and local residents. The market segmentation is targeted at middle and upper class patrons. The customer base are local residents and tourists.
Market Analysis
The market for baked product and coffee is huge in the US. Cruz bakery will produce quality bakery products, espresso and coffee. The competition is moderate and slightly challenging.
Sales Strategy
The bakery expects sales of $400,000 first year and $200,000 subsequent year. Sales forecast are the pastry item sales and espresso drinks.
Management Summary
The co-owners have combined extensive experience in baking, accounting, sales and marketing. They have working in similar establishments for many years. Personnel are driver, bakers, product development and sales support team.
Personnel Plan
The personnel plan involves managers, pastry bakers and barista. A year wages for pastry bakers is estimated at $50,000. The managers will earn $100,000 per year while barista $80,000 per year.
Financial Plan
Cruz Bakery is expected to raise $100, 000 from co-owners and $150,000 from borrowing. The expected loan tenor is 6 to 10 years for adequate time to fulfil the loan conditions.
Break-Even Analysis
The breakeven is predicated on operational expenses and total unit sales. They are analyzed based on fixed costs, per-unit revenue and per unit cost.
Projected Profit and Loss
The projected profit and loss gross margin and expenses. The expenses are payroll taxes, depreciation, utilities and sales/marketing expenses. There is also the tax incurred, EBITDA, interest expense.
Projected Cash Flow
The projected cash flow is the cash from operations and cash received.
Balance Sheet
The pro forma balance sheet is the current assets and cash at hand. Current assets is estimated based on long term assets, accumulated depreciation. Liabilities are account payable, current liabilities and current borrowing.


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