How to Write a Cosmetic Line Business Plan

The beauty and cosmetic industry is very challenging and lucrative. There are many products and huge competition. 
The industry in America employs over 50,000 people with over 3,000 licensed products. Investors should develop a quality product, good marketing strategy and customer relations. Others are huge funding, good location, equipment and operational license.
Executive Summary
Sharon Cosmetic Line is incorporated as a limited liability company. The company is located at Maryland in a commercial/industrial area. The choice of location is based on availability of raw material, utilities and customer base.
We engage in production of cosmetic products for the local and international market. The huge selection of products are hair care products, lotions, soaps, perfumes, colognes.
The chief executive office is Sharon Steel a popular reality show participant. She teamed up with professionals in the beauty and cosmetic industry to develop the products and business structure. We ensure that our customers enjoy quality products at competitive prices.
Cosmetic Line
The milestones are opening a corporate account, business name availability and insurance. Others are completed business registration, opening an online payment platform. We have obtaining tax payer’s identification, securing point of sale machines and leasing of factory.
More include initial startup capital, writing a business plan, conducting a feasibility study. We have completed our employee’s handbook, drafted contact documents and recruitment of employees.
The company will established business relationship with vendors, secure fire safety license, build website, purchase furniture and recruit employees. Completion of print marketing material and purchase of equipment.
         Opening a corporate account
         Business name availability
         Completed business registration
         Opening an online payment platform
         Obtaining tax payer’s identification
         Securing point of sale machines
         Leasing of factory
         Initial startup capital
         Writing a business plan
         Conducting a feasibility study
         Competition of an employee’s handbook
         Drafting of contact documents
         Recruitment of employees
         Established business relationship with vendors
         Secure fire safety license
         Build a website
         Purchase furniture
         Recruit employees
         Completion of print marketing material
         Purchase of equipment
Sustainability and Expansion
The business will leverage on repeat patronage, capacity building.
Funding the Startup
Funds are generated by the owner Sharon Steel. The business is incorporated as a Limited Liability Company.
The company will source extra funds through a bank loan. The initial startup generated by the owner in personal savings is $250,000 and bank loan of $450,000. Total estimated amount is $700,000.
Startup expenditure include insurance, hiring a business consultant and stationary. Others are rent, construction of production line and business registration. 
More expenses include legal fees, marketing, operational cost and inventory. Costs include building a website, purchase of equipment, distribution van and store equipment.
Payment Options
To accommodate customer needs, different payment options will be provided. They are acceptance of bank draft, checks, mobile money transfer. Others are bank transfer, mobile money, cash and debit card payments. The website would have a payment system to process debit card purchases.
Our Pricing Strategy
The products are priced according to current trends. The price is competitive and slightly lower that prevailing prices. We will offer a full range of cosmetic products for middle and upper class customers.
Publicity and Advertisement
We will produce high quality beauty care products comparable with top brands in the market. To reach customers we will use an effective marketing strategy.  Each product line would be featured in television advertisement to intensify product brand.
We will use print, web publicity and social media channels. Advertisement strategy are newspaper, local magazine publications, sponsored community programs.
Others are product branding, use of celebrities to push brand awareness. We will print of flyers, banners, billboards.
Marketing and Sales
The marketing and sales strategy involves targeting our customer base. To understand customer behavior, preferences. The company will conduct surveys and a feasibility study.
We will use experienced third party marketers to develop a marketing strategy.  We will use direct marketing, target communities, use local newspapers. Word of mouth marketing, yellow pages, online ads.
Sales Forecast
Things that affect product pricing are labor, cost of raw materials and transport.  The amount of customer purchases will define our sales.
We expect to become profitable in eight months from startup. First year sales projection is $600,000, second year $920,000 and third year $1,300,000.
Our Products
The business is registered as a limited liability company. Product choice are shaving creams, hair care products and fragrances. Others are cosmetic products, sunscreen products and body lotions.
Our Vision Statement
Our vision is to produce quality cosmetic products. We hope our products will become international brands and compete with established ones.
Competitive Advantage
We intend building an experienced workforce and provide regular training. The staff will enjoy good welfare package and salaries comparable with those obtainable in the market.
We will use highly professional marketing team and develop a huge distribution network. To achieve our objectives, goals we will invest in customer relations, produce quality cosmetics and offer good prices.
Our Target Market
Our cosmetic products are sold to local residents, college students, celebrities, hotels. Others are business people, private individuals, and corporate clients.
Market trends would rely on creativity, quality products, good packaging. We believe in natural eco-friendly raw materials and products.
The company will hire only experienced and highly professional staff. The staff are chief executive office, admin manager, drivers and merchandize manager. Others are sales/marketing manager, plant manager and cashier and accountant.
The Chief Executive Officer will communicates with staff, implements the company’s policies. Plant Manger oversees the plant’s operations while human resources station define job positions, evaluates staff and carry out administrative work.
The merchandize manager selects merchandize, plan sales strategies, pricing and networks with vendors. The accountant works on the company budget, ledger, financial report and tax.
The client service executive manages the company’s administrative duties, company documents, inquiries build consumer interest. Other staff responsibilities are production manager focus on product and packaging.
         Chief executive office
         Admin manager
         Merchandize manager
         Sales manager
         Marketing manage
         Plant manager
SWOT Analysis
The cosmetic industry is very challenging and lucrative. To compete favorably we will leverage on our strengths, opportunities and partners. The SWOT analysis covers our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.


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