How to Write a Perfume Line Business Plan

Interested investors looking to start a perfume line business need a business plan. The plan should cover every aspect of the business. This includes funding, location, labor, products and services.
A plan is ideal for loan acquisition and marketing purposes. Perfumes are in high demand and compositions are getting more technologically driven. Anyone can start a perfume line based on capital investment, equipment and knowledge of chemistry.
The company needs to formulate a safe, quality and certified product for the market. The business is very lucrative and highly competitive. It requires serious research, testing and development. Apart from the fragrance, packaging is very important to the total look. Here is a perfume production line business plan sample
Perfume Line Business Plan
Executive Summary
Graphic Fragrance a perfume and fragrance company based in New York. The products are high quality and targeted to middle and upper class individuals. The target market are new Yorkers, tourists and foreign markets.
Our product line is vast producing a variety of fragrance for our large market base. Our vision is to become a leading player in the perfume and fragrance industry. Strategically placed for success our goal is to hire highly qualified personnel to produce perfumes in line with our vision.
To ensure high quality we will use the best ingredients, equipment and carry out extensive testing. To get the best from our employees we will match and surpass salaries in the industry. The employees will also enjoy value added incentives, promotions and a good working atmosphere.
Our equipment would be sourced from the best manufacturers and leverage on cutting edge technology. This is to ensure high productivity, optimal performance and outstanding products. The maintenance department would carry out routine work to ensure maximum uptime in our production line.
Graphic Fragrance would work according to best practices obtained in the industry. We will ensure quality control methods and standardization to produce the best perfumes for our customers.
We will deploy effective customer services to ensure return patronage. And have a 24 hour hotline for enquires, orders and complains. This will ensure prompt modification of strategies to meet customer’s needs.
Graphic fragrance is established by Duchess Alba a seasoned entrepreneur with knowledge of beauty and cosmetology. She has a master’s degree in chemistry and worked in a fragrance company for several years.
Products and Services for Perfume Line
Graphic Fragrance offer a full range of perfumes for both men and women. The company would leverage on the expertise of perfume developers and our research and development department. We intend producing high quality perfumes for people who crave the best.
Our primary product are the different perfumes. However to increase profitability and income we will offer a diverse range of colognes, toiletries. The business will develop a franchise section for small business owners interested in selling our products.
Our Vision Statement
Our vision is to create amazing products and become a leader in the perfume industry.  We wish to dominate the market with strategic marketing, excellent customer service and products.
         Create amazing products
         Become a leader in the perfume industry
         Dominate the market
         Use strategic marketing
         Provide excellent customer service
         Sell quality products.
Our Mission Statement
Our mission is to get our products in every household both domestic and international. We wish to build a sustainable and profitable company. Good customer relations and marketing is an integral part of our business strategy.
         Get our products in every household
         Build a sustainable and profitable company
         Good customer relations
         Have an effective marketing strategy
Our Business Structure
Human resources is the most important aspect of any successful business.  We intend building capacity by hiring experience and highly qualified professionals.
The personnel are the purchasing manager, chemist, security guards and chief executive officer. Others are the accountant, human resources, drivers and marketing executive.
Roles and Responsibilities
Chief Executive Officer
The owner is the chief executive office of the company. She ensure every department is functional and oversee the company’s direction. The person communicates and directs the entire company structure.
Purchasing Manger
The purchasing manager’s duty is to communicate with vendors and procure. The role involves good interpersonal skill, preparation, and negotiation, supply execution. They work closely with the accountant to ensure cohesion in budgeting matters.
The Chemist
The chemist’s duty is the mixture and creation of fragrance. They develop formulas, test, analyze and create. They work within the best practices and laws of the land.
Marketing Executive
The job involves creating awareness of the products. They develop and implement marketing strategies to drive sales. They use different methods of advertisement like word of mouth, print and electronic medium.
Human Resources
The human resources department handles compensation, workers benefit and training. They ensure workplace safety, hiring and screening of employees.
Customer Service Executive
They work closely with the chief executive and ensure proper implementation of policies. The receive customers’ orders, ensures quick response and communication.
The job entails financial planning, budget execution and financial communication. They prepare the tax information, spending and ensures proper accounting.
Security Guards
The job of the security guard s to prevent unauthorized access to the facility. They deter threats and communicate with the local authorities.
The Truck Drivers
The truck drivers distribute the products to wholesalers and retailers. They are in charge of logistics, inventory delivery and maintenance of trucks.
SWOT Analysis of Perfume Line Business Plan
The SWOT analysis focuses on the strength and weakness of the company. It provides a clear picture of the challenges, suitability and sustainability of the company. The strength are the quality products, huge customer base and good customer service.
We will have highly trained professionals with years of cognate experience. We offer completive salaries and welfare packages for personnel. We will leverage on continuous training, effective productivity and huge selection of products to corner the fragrance market.
The weakness depends on economy, cost of production, utility charges. Others include serious competition, establishing relations, publicity and huge marketing cost. The treats are slow down in economy, emergence of new competition, difficulty in sourcing raw materials.
Market Analysis for Perfume Line Business Plan
 The Market Trend
The market trend points to a saturated industry with huge range of products. However only few brands live to their hype and the customers know this. They tend to use such products once and depend on quality truly tested products.
To ensure development of quality products we will engage in extensive research and development. We will deploy testing and standardization to achieve excellent results.
To ensure profitability we will develop a full range of fragrances that appeal customer taste. We will develop other products alongside the fragrance based on feasibility studies and customer surveys.
To ensure customer satisfaction we will develop different customer relation and participation strategies. To keep them updated to our products, prices and services.
Our Target Market
Our core mission is to produce fragrances for everyone. We will maintain quality and develop different sizes and packaging to meet competitive prices. This will ensure everyone has a choice from our full range of fragrances.
Our target customers are sporting personalities, business people young men and women. Others are celebrities, college students, middle age men and women.
Our Competitive Advantage
The industry is saturated and competitive.  Our competitive advantage is the quality of our products, experienced staff and effective marketing.
Others are our full range of products, customer service and community based programs. We will invest in cutting edge technology, social media marketing and an ecommerce store.
Sales and Marketing Strategy
Sourcing of Funds
The owner will invest 25% startup equity and seek loans for the remaining 75%. The owner will invest $100,000 and seek loans of $300, 000. This puts the total amount at $400,000. The investor will use private savings, borrow from friends and family. They can approach private investors, secure bank loan.
The milestone is business registration, incorporating a limited liability company. Others are tax, purchase of insurance, writing a business plan. More include carrying out a feasibility study, product development and execution.
Other milestones are recruitment of employees, opening a corporate account, developing different payment platforms, drafting supply contract agreement. The company needs to secure distributors, wholesalers and sales outlets.
         Business registration
         Incorporating a limited liability company
         Purchase of insurance
         Writing a business plan
         Carrying out a feasibility study
         Product development and execution
         Recruitment of employees
         Opening a corporate account
         Developing different payment platforms
         Drafting supply contract agreement
         Get distributors, wholesalers and sales outlets
The Sales and Marketing Strategy
We will sell a full range of fragrances developed by our chemists. Other products are cologne, toiletries, soaps and shampoos.
Sales Forecast
The demand is high and we intend meeting the customer’s needs. Estimated sales forecast for first year is $800,000, second year $1,400,000 and third year $3,000,000. These are projected figures based on current trends and the economy.
We will carry out extensive marketing to push our brand name. The marketing is to drive sales, meet our objective and enable growth and expansion. We will engage a third party to deliver an effective campaign.
We will advertise in local newspapers, beauty magazines and tourist areas. We will use online resources, social media marketing and blog posts. We will network with pageant organizers, develop community programs and use celebrity faces.
We will print flyers, posters, banners, billboards. We will provide discounts for regulars, promotions and free samples. The company would use radio and develop adverts for television. We will support popular beauty related programs and use branding.
Advertisement and Promotion Strategy
         We will advertise in local newspapers
         Beauty magazines and tourist areas
         Use online resources
         Social media marketing and blog post
         Network with pageant organizers
         Develop community programs
         Print flyers, posters, banners, billboards
         Provide discounts for regulars
         Use promotions and free samples
         Use radio and develop adverts for television
Our Pricing Strategy
To keep prices competitive we will develop different sized products. This will encourage customers to choose the size they can afford. Other strategies to keep price down include purchasing raw material in bulk and running an effective production line.
Payment Options
We will provide different payment options for customers. The options include cash payment, debit or credit card payment. We have Point of sale, checks, direct bank transfers and PayPal.
Startup expenditure are company incorporation, legal fees, line production machine. Others are rent, utilities, purchase of raw material, labor. We have insurance tax, packaging machine, marketing, transportation and storage.


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