How to Write a Tattoo Shop Business Plan

Investors interested in opening a tattoo shop will make good money. The business has gained popularity with celebrities and young adults. To run a studio you need experience tattooists, business knowledge, funding.
Other considerations is writing a business plan, good location, quality equipment, legal fees. The job involves injecting ink under the skin to create a permanent design. The designs are created either freehand or with a template.
Business Overview
Trevor tattoo Studio is a limited liability company that offers tattoo jobs. The shop is located in Oklahoma in the United States of America. The competition in America is high with over 30,000 registered tattooists.
Trevor Studio is located at a busy area with lots of human traffic. The area is synonymous with tourists and tattoo enthusiast.
Our products and services include original designs, pre-designs and removals. Added services are massage, hair removal services. Our workforce are tested professionals with several years’ experience.
Tattoo Shop
Our Vision and Mission
We will provide professional service in a clean and safe environment. We wish to establish a world class studio and apply appropriate branding.
The company needs to attain certain milestones such as opening a corporate bank account, online payment platforms and registering a business name. Others are obtaining a tax identification number, insurance and business incorporation.
More include writing a business plan, recruitment of employees, drafting contract agreements. The company needs to purchase equipment, carry out a feasibility study and apply for permit. It is important establishing relationship with vendors, creating a social page and drafting employee’s handbook.
         Open a corporate bank account
         Online payment platforms
         Registering a business name
         Obtaining a tax identification number
         Business incorporation
         Writing a business plan
         Recruitment of employees
         Drafting contract agreements
         Purchase equipment
         Carry out a feasibility study
         Apply for permit
         Establishing relationship with vendor
         Creating a social profile
         Drafting employee’s handbook
Expansion Strategy
The number of customers we attract will determine expansion. To build capacity we will hire only experienced tattooists. We will allocate adequate funds into marketing, promotions, and customer service.
Other provisions in ensuring sustainability are improved wages of employees, huge selection of original designs and staff training.
Startup Capital
The business is a limited liability company founded by two friends. They are the sole financers each accounting for an equal percentage in the business.
They have generated finds through personal savings, soft loans from friends and family. The total startup of $100,000 was generated $50,000 each contributed by the partners.
Medical Supplies and Sterilization Equipment
The tattoo shop needs medical supplies and sterilization equipment. The equipment list are antiseptic ointments, surface disinfectant sterilizers. Others are cleaning wipes, waste disposal containers alcoholic prep pads and latex gloves.
More include tattoo machine, needles, tubes, machine rack. We will stock disposable razors, Vaseline, scissors spray bottles and needle tray. The furniture are adjustable light source, rolling chair, tattoo table chairs.
         Antiseptic ointments
         Surface disinfectant sterilizers
         Cleaning wipes
         Waste disposal containers
         Alcoholic prep pads
         Latex gloves
         Tattoo machine
         Machine rack
         Disposable razors
         Spray bottles
         Needle tray
         Adjustable light source
         Rolling chair
         Tattoo table and chairs
Needle and Art Supplies
The needle supplies are tweezers, needle jig, needle bars and tubes. Others are shoulder gun, sharp container, rubber band. Art supplies are colored inks, thermal copier, pencils, watercolors, flash sheets, stencils.
         Needle jig
         Needle bars
         Shoulder gun
         Sharp container
         Rubber band
         Colored inks
         Thermal copier
         Flash sheets
Financial Projections
The financial projections are cost of incorporation, acquiring the facility equipment. Others are utility bills, website, computer, printers and stencils. More include marketing, promotions, printing of flyers, business card and signboard.
Publicity and Advertisement
We will use social media platforms and online resources. Others are advertisement in newspapers and tattoo related magazines. We will distribute flyers, posters and complementary cards.
We will list the site in directories, yellow pages and build a website. We will use branding and merchandizing to push the company name and logo. The company will embark on direct marketing, attend seminars, local expos.
Payment Options and Pricing Strategy
Payment options are bank transfers, checks, bank draft and mobile money. Others are online bank transfers and, point of sale, cash transactions.
We will offer prices that a comparable with those obtainable in the market. Regular customers will enjoy discounts and coupons. Sales forecast involves breaking-even first year with earnings of $250,000 second year.
Products and Services
The services we offer are body piercing, design tattoos, predesigned tattoos. We will provide permanent makeup, laser tattoos, tattoo removal, advisory service.
Our competitive edge are our creativity, experience and quality service. We will build a professional team, organize regular training. We will provide employees good welfare package to encourage better output.
         Permanent makeup tattoos
         Body piercing
         Customized tattoos
         Pre-designed tattoos
         Tattoo removal
         Body massage
         Hair removal
Target Market
Around the world tattooing has become a fast growing enterprise. This is because of the popularity of television programs and celebrities wearing tattoos.
Our target market are celebrities, tattoo enthusiast, private individuals. Others are tourists, students and local community.
SWOT Analysis
To compete favorably our business structure will reflect or mission and vision. Our strength lies in our workforce with years of experience. We will provide regular training, welfare packages for workers.
Unique services include original designs, pre-designs and color choice. The weaknesses are gaining acceptance, attracting new customers and huge competition.
Opportunities include increase in demand for tattoos, few studios. The economy might affect customer’s purchasing power, cost of supplies and utilities.
Trevor Tattoos is registered as a limited liability company. The employees are chief executive officer, human resources, administration manager. Others are studio supervisor, tattoo artists, service executive and sales/marketing.
         Chief executive officer
         Human resources
         Administration manager
         Studio supervisor
         Tattoo artists
         Service executive
The responsibilities of chief executive officer is recruitment, training and directing the establishment. The individual also evaluates the opportunities and organizations strategy. The studio supervisor coordinates procurement and ensures best practices.
Human resource manager’s job entails administrative tasks, policy implementation, employee assessment and evaluation.  The sales department carries out the marketing, financial projections, consumer targeting.
The tattooists create designs, stencils and applies the tattoo on the customers. Finally the accountant supervises budget implementation, bookkeeping, tax, accounting reports.


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