How to Write a Truck Stop Business Plan

A truck stop is a facility for truckers by a highway that offers garage, restaurant and fuel pump services. The main goal of Baily Travel Center is to be the Main destination in Utah.
Our core focus is in providing amenities for truckers and a convenient store. Other core functions include a restaurant and supply of gas and diesel. The company is owned by john and joy baily.
Business Plan
         Initial startup
         Mission statement
         Company summary
         Company ownership
         Products and services
         Market analysis
Truck Stop
Trucking Stop Business Plan
The company business structure is people and customer oriented and encourages productivity. We offer mutual respect and responsibility based on a management philosophy. The company’s functions is divided into two main areas the restaurant and convenient store with a gas, diesel station.
The co-founders Joy and John Baily will oversee administration, finance, product sourcing sales and marketing operations. Each store has highly qualified on-site management team.  The manager of each areas will report the daily activities to the Baily’s.
The trucking business is estimated to claim 72% of United States commercial freight transport market. According to recent estimates commercial freight transportation have aggregated revenue exceeding $400 billion with over $300 billion in revenue. This estimate covers two core areas the for-hire and private carriage sectors.
Initial Startup
The 6,000 square foot travel center will accommodate a restaurant, scales, diesel and gas service. Estimated startup is $2.2 million with $2 million loan and initial capital injection of $200,000.
1.1     Mission
The mission of Baily Travel Center is to offer truckers and travelers a one-stop shopping, dinner and truck servicing experience.
Company Summary
The company management board has John Baily with vast experience in trucking and Joy a professional in hospitality industry.
Their scope of experience is in automobile repair, accounting and general business practice. The main goal is to provide multi-service centers for travelers and commercial truck operators across state lines.
The company is located by a major highway in Utah. Strategically placed at a convenient access location with good road network.
Other considerations is area with low competition, good dry site and high traffic. We also considered the growth potential, site demography, low residential area.
Site Requirements
         A convenient location
         Good road network
         Low competition
         Good dry site
         High traffic
         Growth potential
         Site demography
         Low residential area
Company Ownership
The company is owned by john and joy baily as majority shareholders.
The funding is needed for working capital, land, land development and inventory. Others are building, highway improvements gasoline facility and contingency.
More are other fixed assets, scales, diesel facility, and prepaid expenses. The total amount allotted to each section should amount to $2.2 million
Funding Requirements
         Working capital
         Land development
         Highway improvements
         Gasoline facility
         fixed assets
         Diesel facility
         prepaid expenses
Funding Sources
The funding sources are commercial bank loans or core investor.
Startup Requirements
Startup requirements are contingency costs $190,000, restaurant equipment $200,000, prepaid expenses $200,000 and travel center equipment $110,000. This equates to total startup expenses at $700,000.
The startup expenses are estimated as follows; startup inventory $60,000, cash requirements $240,000, long term assets $1,100,000 and other current assets $100,000, Totaling $1.5 million. Capitalization is by the two major player’s john and joy baily and liabilities no borrowing is long termed.
Products and Services
Baily Travel Center offers retail store, car wash and truck maintenance services. Others include restaurant, fast food diner, parking, fuel island station. It will have diesel, gasoline pumps, scale and internet connectivity.
Other facilities are loading monitors, convenient store, accommodate independent businesses and auxiliary power units. For effective marketing we propose adequate branding and offer quality products and services.
Truck Stop Products and Services
         Retail store
         Car wash
         Truck maintenance services
         Fast food diner
         Fuel island station
         Phone and internet connectivity
         Loading monitors
         Convenient store
         Other independent businesses
Convenient Store
The convenient store would have travel grocery items, coffee and a selection of soft drinks.  It will stock heavy snack items and offer amenities like public restroom. The store would have a cashier with checkout area and register.
The establishment will have a dinner, fast food outlet or restaurant. The food amenities will include seating area, drive through window and order line facility.
Facility Signage
Advertisement and marketing on-site includes building signboard, fast food signboard and a highway billboard.  It will have fuel and diesel price display, directional signage. The parking lot will also have a signboard.
On-site Advertisement
         building signboard
         Fast food signboard
         Highway billboard
         Fuel and diesel price display
         Directional signage
         Parking lot signboard.
Gasoline/Diesel Station Island
The station will offer gasoline and diesel products. It will have multiple dispenser pumps, cash and credit card acceptance, branding and large canopy cover. The station will have fueling lines for large trucks, small vehicle lanes.
Others are high speed dual sided dispensers, truck parking facility and cleaning equipment. The gas service station will sell lubricated oil, gasoline and diesel. Merchandise include automobile parts, tires and batteries.
Expansion and Future Products
Future products will include lodging facility, garage and full truck service.
Market Analysis
Consumer staples account for 32% truck freight within state lines. Most truck deliveries are carried out within 3 days and trucking accounts for 75% of US commercial freight in 2016.
The trucking industry accounts for over $300 billion revenue and share the market with water carriers, pipelines and railroad. The trucking industry is segmented into for hire truckers and private truckers.
Potential Customers
The market analysis summary focuses on potential customers in the in-state private vehicle industry. Other customer base are interstate commercial truckers, out-of sate private vehicles, out-of–state commercial truckers.
Estimated growth from 3% to 6% with total volume with a year exceeding 2 million.
         In-state private vehicles
         Interstate commercial truckers
         Out-of state private vehicles
         Out-of–state commercial truckers
Market Segmentation
The segmentation is divided between For-Hire and private sector. The commercial freight distribution focuses on trucking, interstate, private and local. There is the railroad, air freight, heavy domestic air freight, water and pipeline.
The sections need warehousing, distribution administration and logistics.  In US 1998 according to statistical estimates, private carriers valued service is estimated at 200 billion, for-hire carriers 100 billion. Others are truckload 65 billion, less than truck load 20 billion.
Market Trends
E-commerce solutions has a huge influence on marketing trends. There is also a steady market growth with employees in the industry estimated at 60,000, number of center above 1,000. They account for annual sales of 200 million with 50 people in an average center.
The management team are john and joy baily, restaurant and convenient store manager. Staff include waiters, cooks, gas station attendants, maintenance crew and cashier.
         Restaurant manager
         Convenient store manager
         Gasoline/diesel manager
         Gas station attendants
         Maintenance crew
The strategy of Baily Travel center comprises of presenting a clean location, quality service. We will use extensive advertisement, full array of products and services. Services include restaurant, Fuel Island and convenient store.
We will use phase development strategy of gasoline station, truck lounges and stalls. We will provide parking, scales and public toilet facility. We will improve on the infrastructure each year and subsequently introduce a dinner.
The branding is in partnership with a major gasoline and diesel company. The major distributors offer training, logistics, rebates and assistance. Branding will provide rebate opportunities, incentives and company flexibility.
Sales Strategy
The projected figures are based on customer patronage. The conservative estimates are based on yearly estimated sales of unit of gasoline, diesel and restaurant. Others are rebates, allowances and travel store.
Financial Plan
The projected cash account are long-term interest rate, current interest rate and tax .rate. The pro forma cash flow is projected as cash from operations.
Expenditure are sales tax, liabilities, long-term loans, current borrowing. The break-even analysis is based on monthly units break-down, average per-unit variables and unit revenues.
Projected Profit and Loss
The profit, loss is estimated on direct cost of sale, margins and expenses. We have depreciation, leased equipment insurance, utilities sales and marketing. Others are payroll, taxes, rent. The balance sheet is based on current assets, cash and inventory.


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