Incense Sticks: How to Start Agarbatti Making Business

Agarbatti is an incense stick used in traditional religious ceremonies. It is a prominent part of religious worship in many countries. The demand is high and production process relatively easy.
The manufacturing process is automated, semi-automated or manual depending on the preferred process. There are different types of incense sticks based on ceremony or manufacturing process.
Types of Agarbatti
There are different types of stick types from square, triangle and round. There are different stick dimensions from 1mm to 8mm. We have are flora Agarbatti, charcoal, wooden, dhoop, Masala.
         Flora Agarbatti
Why Start Agarbatti Business
The main question is why invest your money in Agarbatti business. Incense sticks are an integral part of traditional religious ceremonies. They are used in festivals, households, social functions and worship temples.
There is a huge market in India, Sri-Lanka and Burma. The fragranced powder is easy to formulate and has aromatic, antiseptic and insecticidal properties. The major advantage includes low investment and export opportunities. The business is profitable and practicable from home or a factory.
Register the business as a sole proprietor or partnership. You need a business name, tax identification number and liability insurance. A large business should register as a limited liability company. Open a business account, apply for MSME Udyog and address environmental and health issues.
The amount you need depends on the manufacturing process, lease and size of the company. The business can be a small/medium enterprise or large company.
Generate funds through target savings, borrow from family or friends. You can apply for bank loans, seek a core investor or get a partner.
Thing to Make Incense Sticks
There are a few things needed to make the joss sticks. Common material are sawdust, sandalwood powder. Bamboo sticks. Others are wood glue, charcoal powder, paint and perfumes. There is a full range of fragrances to choose like jasmine, rose and patchouli.
Raw Materials to make Agarbatti
1.       Bamboo Sticks
2.       Wood Glue
3.       Charcoal Powder
4.       Paint
5.       Fragrance
6.       Sandalwood Powder
7.       Sawdust
8.       Charcoal Powder
9.       Premix
How to Make Agarbatti by Hand
The first step is to make the bamboo sticks. You need a large/small knife, blades, bamboo tree and hand saw. Use the large knife to cross cut the bamboo to appropriate size without the nodes.
Then split it into slats and sliver with the blade or small knife. Gather the slats and dry in sun before introducing the mix. Mix sandalwood powder, sawdust, charcoal powder and wood glue. A premix is ideal for automated process.
Agarbatti Making Machinery
The type of machinery depends on your output and business template. There are three ways to make Agarbatti. You can use the manual process, semi-automated and fully automated machines.
Other equipment are the Agarbatti dryer and raw material mixer machine. The fully automated machine and mixer machine guarantee standardization and quality output. The types of machine are the single or double pedal, automatic machine.
The pedal type does not require an electrical output is low priced, has higher output. It provides better output than manual has high productivity and improved quality.
The high speed automated machine comes in different designs and produces huge volume, high quality products. The fully automated machinery can adjust the length of the stick and produce 400 sticks a minute. While the semi-automated requires consistent hand feedings of bamboo.
Drying Machine
Commercial dryers can manage 160 kilograms every eight hours. They are available in different models and designs.
Agarbatti Powder Mixer Machine
It is difficult to get the same consistency if you mix manually. Large scale manufacturers need a powder mixing machine. The machine blends the raw materials to achieve uniformity and consistency.
The labor requirements is low and the machines can mix wet and dry powder. Most Agarbatti mixers are locally fabricated to the specification of the manufacturer. There are also branded machinery with a capacity of 2kg per minute.
         High Speed Fully Automated Machine
         Drying Machine
         Agarbatti Powder Mixer Machine
The business is practicable as a one man enterprise. Larger production companies require machine operator, cleaner, driver, customer service. They need effective marketing strategy, standardization and operational license.
The land should contain the equipment, storage, loading station. It could have a front store and located in commercial area. Make sure the location is easily accessible close to market base or raw materials.
The price should conform to those available in the market. The price should be competitive and quality product.  Things that affect price are cost of production, cost of raw material, packaging, marketing and distribution.
Your area of operation should have a huge market base. There are both local and export opportunities for fragrant sticks. Reach customers through electronic or pint marketing. Use social marketing, email and web.


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